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Episode 14

The Andreasson Affair - Pt 1 - It's Like A Whirlpool

The case of Betty Andreasson is one of the most well-documented cases of a UFO abduction ever recorded. Backed by none other than Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the amount of scrutiny this case was put under is nearly as equally as the story itself. Join us this week as we cover the amazing (maybe true?) story of “The Andreasson Affair: The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind” written by Raymond E. Fowler
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Welcome all you beautiful and lovely people, to episode 14!!!! Of the Black Cat Report.

After too many moons apart we are finally all together in studio again,

I’m talkin JOEY

I’m talkin Betsabae

I’m talkin Celina

I’m talkin Me! Gil here this week with something wild for you.

And I’m gonna be honest, if you’ve never done drugs, if you’ve never danced with psychedelics, you are gonna be convinced the protagonist of this story is on drugs.

And if you have done drugs, tapped the rainbow dragon, licked the devils sweat, banged a brown banshee, or any other metaphor for doing drugs i just made up.

For today’s story we will be covering one of the most in depth breakdowns of a Alien abduction ever recorded, and ever reported by an experiencer.

While there are mountains of cases and claims where people have been taken and manage to retain memory of brief glimpses from their experience, few have the degree of details, perception and awareness this case offers.

For 12 months, on a nearly weekly basis, Betty Andreasson will be repeatedly put under meticulously recorded hypnosis and have every detail of her testimony scrutinized. 

Ultimately, Betty will be subjected to multiple lie detector tests, character checks, analysis of evidence, 100s of hours of debriefings verging on the the point of soft interrogation, and never once will something be discovered or raise doubt, and she will never contradict her story. 

Now to give some important context and add even more credibility to this story it’s important to understand Betty is and was raised as a Fundamentalist Christian, and while this doesn’t make her inherently more trustworthy, it does set the scene for us to realize her abduction stands as a major conflict with her, and as will see, her family’s beliefs. 

In other words, this is the last thing she wanted, she was not at all primed for it, and as wild as it will be, when broken down and compared to the piles of other abduction cases, her story adds up.

Now, for our primary source in the this episode we’ll be using and following closely a book called “The Andreasson Affair” by Raymond E. Fowler.

Which we purchased, after 2 listeners of our show, Rachel & Tim, so awesomely gave us an amazon gift card that we used to buy it, along with retractable highlighters which i burn through faster than cigarettes. 

So, huge shout out to Rachel & Tim for helping us keep the lights on and our minds filled with paranormal reading.

Thank You

As for the story, before we dig into the more juicy parts, we’ll need to backup and give a little context.

After getting married fairly young in the early 1950’s, Betty 17 and James, 21, The Andreasson’s found and moved in to an old farmhouse. It was an affordable fixer-upper, or as the author of the book called it, a “Handyman Special”, located in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. 

Spotted with the sleepy remains of century old farms tucked along the rolling hills and dense forests, Ashburnham, with a total population at the time hovering at only around 2,800, was a fairly small neighborhood in a very rural area of Northern Massachusetts. 

And as James was the sole breadwinner while the Andreasson family quickly grew to eventually have 7 children, this little farm house provided the perfect opportunity to grow with them.

A typical, lower middle class family, life wasn’t necessarily hard for the Andreasosons, but it wasn’t lavish either. Regardless, Sundays were always a day of celebration, cookies, smiles and salvation. And this was the cadence of life, until December 23rd of 1966. 

After being rear-ended, James was thrusted into a severe head-on collision. He survived, but his injuries would result in weeks of in-hospital care before months of slow recovery at home.

Shortly after the accident, Eva and Waino Aho, Betty’s parents would move in to help with taking care of the kids and the chores. This finally leads us to who was home on the evening of January 25th, 1967.

After an early dinner, Betty was in the kitchen finishing up a few things before heading off to check on James in the hospital. The kids, fed, dressed, and chill’n with their grandparents in the livingroom were all watching Bozo the Clown. 

Thats when, fading in and out, there’s a final flicker and the house goes completely dark. The kids panic and run through their home, looking for mom. And, thats when they first notice it. 

From the kitchen window, a pink light is now slowly shining through

It begins changing from pink to reddish-orange as it grows brighter and starts pulsating. Betty tell’s the kids,

“Be quiet, and quick, get in the livingroom, and whatever it is will go away.”

At this point, the family noticed a change in the air, a stillness, quote “like the whole house had a vacuum over it.”

Huddled together, and watching in a terrified and confused silence from the livingroom, the psychedelic nature of a close encounter begins, quoting the book now

”The Andreasson kitchen had become a kaleidoscope of reflected color and dancing shadows keeping cadence with the flashing light.” end quote

Waino got up and headed to the kitchen, peaking through the pantry widow to get a better glimpse of what was going on outside, stating later, 


“These creatures that I saw through the window of Betty’s house we’re just like Halloween freaks. I thought they had put on a funny kind of headdress imitating a moon man. It was funny the way they jumped one after the other-just like grasshoppers. When they saw me looking at them, they stopped… The one in front looked at me and I felt kind of queer. That’s all I knew.” – End Quote

Jumping now over to 11 year-old Becky’s view from the living room, as she peered down the hall into the kitchen, silhouettes, dark silhouettes begin blocking the light, leaving shadows sliding across the kitchen window. Then all senses and strength are lost, everyone became frozen, except Betty. 9 of the 10 people there are stuck in suspended animation.

Betty looks around in disbelief before the experience kicks in to full swing. Through the kitchen door, and I literally mean through the closed solid kitchen door, 4 identical short beings with large, pear shaped heads and clay gray skin, begin coming through in perfect unison.

Picture when your a kid, with folded up paper that you cut the shape of a person into and then unfold. Now hold that string of connected, unfolded silhouettes out and at an angle. These beings, walking about an inch off the ground, with the exact same appearance, come through the door like they are unfolding from a 2-Dimensional reality, moving like a horizontal fractal.

Betty, like anyone would be, is standing there, confused as all hell, trying to make heads or tales of the situation when it finally dawns on her, quote: 

“I’m thinking they must be angels, because Jesus was able to walk through doors and walls and walk on water. Must be angels…. And scriptures keep coming into my mind where it says, “ Entertain the stranger, for it may be angels unaware.”

As they grew closer to Betty she began to get a better look at them. Their eyes were a light cloudy color, 3 large fingers on each hand, and they were wearing a dark blue uniform with a blue sash, or banner across their chest.

A tranquility overwhelmed Betty, quote “An aura of friendliness emanate from the alien intruders, and she was no longer frightened.”

While all of them are a spitting image of each other, the one in front, the first one to come through the door, who is assumed to be the leader, was slightly taller than the rest, standing at about 4 feet. Betty recalled his left eye specifically. It was fluttering, physically moving on a pivot, like the wing of a humming bird.

He approached her and speaking so clearly into her mind, while calling her by name, introduced himself as Quazgaa.

This point right here marks something I found absolutely fascinating. The telepathy that Betty is explaining. It’s like so strong it comes across as sound, but there is no sound being made, while at the same time, images are being planted in her head that are kind of like being used as a way to bridge the gap during the translation.

It would be like if you were in Italy, and you wanted to find a cafe, but you didn’t know how to ask. 

You see someone walking down the street holding a mug and you just kept pointing to it saying “il caffe, il caffe”, “the coffee, the coffee”, eventually, hopefully, that person realizes you are looking for a cafe, and not just trying to mug them for their coffee. (which i’ve heard is an executable offense in Italy).

So again, these images, just like what you would point to while saying the wrong words or phrasing, bridge an important language and cultural gap.

This also fully tracks with what happened to Jose & Reme during the Trinity UFO Crash. I think we covered it in episode 1, but when they saw the creatures freaking out, the kids were overwhelmed with sounds but also, Reme in particular had his head flooded with catastrophic imagery that fucked him up.

Anyways, back to meeting our new homie, Quazgaa.

After introducing himself to Betty, he stretched out his hand towards her,

Betty completely missed the mark, Quoting now from the Book:

“Do you want something to eat?”

“They merely nodded.”

“And so I went and got some food from the refrigerator and a pan from the stove, and I started to cook some meat.”

“The entities stared impassively at Betty momentarily, and then she received another mental impression.”

“And I turned, because they said something to me. And they said,

“We cannot eat food unless it is burned.”

And so I started to burn the meat – and they stepped back, astonished over the smoke that was coming up!” 

“The beings corrected Betty as clear images formed in her mind:

And they said, “But that’s not our kind of food. Our food is Tried by fire, knowledge tried by fire. Do you have any food like that?”

To Betty, the answer was obvious. Knowledge Tried By Fire?

They wanted the one truth, the only truth, food for the eternal soul…

“Yes, I think I have something like that… It’s in there.”

Quote “ They followed me into the living room, and I looked and I saw all my family as if time had stopped for them. And I wondered what happened. But I glanced down and picked up the Bible that was on the end table. I turned and I passed it to the leader. The leader pass me a little thin blue book in exchange.”

Quazgaa, holding the Bible, waved his hand over it, and multiple copies, all thicker than the original appeared.

He proceeded to pass them out to the other 3 beings with him.

Once all four were holding one, they looked down at them, the pages, pure white, almost to the point of being illuminated, started flipping on the their own in perfect unison.

At this point I just imagin Betty thinking, “OMG, I gotta learn this trick for Sunday school”

When they finished, presumidly speed reading the Bible, they all looked up and at Betty at the same time. 

(Ummmmhmmm, What the fuck did we just download)

And it was at that point, the alien species started having their first holy war. “Was that shit was literal”,  “no, dummy, that was a beautiful allegory”, Quazgaa up front, “Bro’s chill, it’s a story about our cousin” , whole time, the dude in the back holding his head “WHAT THE FUCK IS A CAMEL”

No, but when they did finish, and they all looked up at Betty, she realized she was still holding the little blue book.

Now, this is important for understanding the timeline,

This was also the moment that the oldest child, Becky, somehow came out of her suspended animation. Later saying, that without them even directly acknowledging it, they knew she had regained consciousness.

She sees her mom holding the blue blook and looking at it with Quazgaa, sees the three identical beings standing behind him, which she called the “the triplets”, and while she’s overwhelmed with how scary they look, she’s immediately overtaken by feelings of being in a close relationship with them, sensing how kind they are, that they don’t mean any harm, kinda like Sloth from the Goonies. 

Anyways, during hypnosis Becky points out some interesting things about this moment. 

First off she describes the situation playing out in the room from a unique, but slightly different perspective. While it’s not contradictory, it’s not 100% corroborating what her mom was experiencing. In other words, it was a more legitimate form of witness testimony. 

2nd, the TV, I found this quote fascinating.

While under hypnosis, she was asked if the TV is off, her reply, 

QUOTE “Yes, the TV — no, the TV is… it’s different. No picture, no sound — very, very dim like you turn down the color — like you turned it down so it’s very gray and low.” END QUOTE 

It’s a little after this point, when Quazgaa stops in the middle of looking at the book, turns his head towards the living room and slowly looks across at the rest of the family. He stops when he gets to Becky, who, while unable to move, is conscious.

Quazgaa looks back at Betty and then quote “started talking, or looking at mom. And then, all I can see is nothing but darkness — then nothing.”

Finally to the little blue book, Betty begins flipping through it, the pages are so white that they appear to be illuminating light. Strange shapes and symbols, almost like diagrams listed in the pages, a quote “silver gray top thing with, like coils — and there was a sort of wheel, and inside were four things. I can’t make out what these things are”

Upon closing the book, she notices the eyes of the creatures standing in front of her. Quote “And their eyes are so funny. One minute they are light, and now they’ve got a black ball in it. And they move straight, especially that left eye.”

Just like what her daughter mentions, there’s this overwhelming feeling that goes along with their presence. Almost like a spell that you’re aware of but unable to break. Even still, Betty, a mother of 7, is not one to mince words. She proceeds to get into the first of many arguments with the entities. Going back and forth with them as they ask if she’ll come with them. 

B- What are you doing here?

Q- We have come to help, Will you help us?

B- How can I help?

Q- Would you follow us?

B- Are you of God? You keep saying you’ve come to help the world. Why?

Q- Because the world is trying to destroy itself.

B- How can I help the world?

Q- Would you follow us?

B- If you are of God, if you are here to help and are of God, I would follow, but do not deceive me.

Q- Would you follow us?

B- mmmmmmm….

Q- Would you follow us?

B- What about my children? My parents?

Q- They are all right, would you follow us?

B- mmmmmmm….

Q- See, they’re just resting there.

Q- They are all right. Would you follow us?

B- mmmmmmm….

Q- Would you follow us?

B- Oh, Lord, show me what I’m supposed to do.

Q- We will not harm you, would you follow us?

B- *exhale (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh) All right (softly)

As soon as Betty agreed, Quazgaa told her to stand behind him. When she went to go step up to him, swooop, she was sucked into place. Moving in unison just like they all were when they came in through the kitchen door earlier. Except now, she’s one of them, walking a few inches off the ground and passing through the wooden door.

Making their way into the backyard, the whole area was filled with a dense fog, not uncommon for the area, but noticeably thicker than usual. 

Well, sitting in the thick haze, positioned on a hill in her yard was a massive craft.

She immediately started getting nervous, something Quazgaa picked up on, without missing a beat he says “See you can trust me. Look over at the ship”

He then proceeds to make the bottom of the ship clear, literally, he made the bottom of the ship look like it was made of glass.

It was at that point, Betty started realizing that a lot of the weird things she saw in the little blue book just moments before were parts of the ship that she was viewing through it’s floor.

Betty starts freaking out “What is it Quazgaa?”

“I have other things to show you, come along, come along”

The floor changed back to it’s original, silver-gold color, Quazgaa raised his left hand, and an opening appeared.

The five of them go inside.

Once on board, Quazgaa and the other 3 aliens literally ditch Betty, leaving her awkwardly standing by herself as they have a little huddle on the opposite end of the massive room.

Quote: “….And they still are talking over there, and they glanced over at me once in awhile… Oh, hurry up! And I’m crossing my arms now. I’m tired of just standing there…”

Eventually, a couple of the aliens leave, Quazgaa brings Betty over to the two that stayed and says he’s going to prepare, and asked them to take her to the upper room.

Again, she’s swooped between them and is walking in unison. Doors start sliding up from the floors and walls as they are moving, and they start passing through them like portals, spiral stair cases start appearing, almost like Relativity, that famous stairs lithograph by M. C. Escher, or the Squid Games stair cases.

Anyways, they finally get to a room and ditch her again, her body feels heavy, to the point of being paralized, all she can mover is her head. She gets impatient and starts complaining again.

Two of the aliens come back and motion to her to follow them.

Taking her to the center of the room.

The floor begins opening up and they slowly start lowering down into a large silver tube eventually landing in a different room. 

They bring her over a platform with an intense light shining down and quoting directly now.

“Would you get under that, please?”

“Well, what is it first?”

“It’s just a cleansing thing.”

“Well, will it hurt?”

“No, it’s is just to cleanse you”

Once standing on it, Betty goes on to say that the beam of light around her got so intensely bright that she couldn’t tell if a covering came up and was surrounding her.

After this, they walked her over to another area, a small, wedge shaped room opened from the wall, barely illuminated by a dim glowing light. Inside a white, almost hospital style garment was hanging.

“Would you please change?

I don’t want to change!

Please! Would you just please change?

But why do I have to change?

There’s a white garment there for you, would you please get into it?

Look, I came here of my own free will. Why do I have to change into this now?

Please change. Quazgaa is waiting for you.

I want to talk to him!

Please change.

All right!”

She steps in, and the door closes, she changes, and bangs on the wall that she’s done.

They eventually open up the door and proceed to take her via their weird little conga line walk they do to a massive dome shaped room.

Light is flooding in everywhere with no clear source and there is a large, table like desk sitting in the center. 

Quazgaa comes in, dressed differently, and after a lot of bickering, and reassurance, Betty is floated from the floor, turned horizontally in the air and laid down on the table.

She asks Quazgaa what they are going to do to her. He replies, they are going to measure her for light. Then after waving a strange, fan shaped device over her, he proclaims that she has misunderstood some places and that there are parts of her not filled with the light.

Taking this to mean the light of God she starts arguing with him.

Oh, I’m filled with the light. 

Quazgaa replies that they are going to have to measure her physically and  her body becomes completely paralized.

The examination is ready to begin.

Weird looking wires come down from ceiling with silver colored needles at the end. 

One of the needles bends in closer to her face and with a slow pushing motion, slides into her left nostril. Quote “I heard something break like a membrane or a veil or something — like a piece of tissue or something they broke through.” end quote

Shortly after the needle went in, one of the entities in the room touched the top of her head and said quote “They were awakening something…” and the pain completely disappeared.

Next, another wire lined up over her lower stomach and with the same steady penetrating motion began slowly pushing a needle in through her navel.

Once these needles were inside of her, the entities began speaking to each other.

This part again stands out to me. They aren’t talking audibly, but telepathically. Now this is weird to me because I’ve never head of a situation where someone is overhearing a group all telepathically speaking to each other????

Finally they tell her they’re confused because she has some parts missing. What they hadn’t realized at the start of all of this is Betty, due to medical complications had gotten a hysterectomy after her 7th child was born.

After this, they keep exploring her insides with the needle thats shoved through her navel. She can feel it snaking around inside of her. At this point, the touch on the head from earlier isn’t working anymore and she is crying out in pain. 

And Betty does not fail to give Quazgaa and the rest of the crew a piece of her mind. The events do get incredibly redundant as they get explained in nauseating detail over pages and and pages in the book. So, we’re gonna skip ahead a little bit.

After the procedure is through, Betty is again levitated and placed in a single file line between beings. They walk back to the small, wedge shaped room where she changed earlier and she put back on her clothes.

This time though, when she was release back into the hallway and started following the beings, they took her past where the silver tube was earlier and to a wall where a door appeared.

When it opened they began heading down a long black tunnel with a lit up room resting at the end. Upon reaching it, she noticed glasslike chairs, 4 on each side, lining the walls.

“Please be seated”

“What is it going to do?”

“Please be seated, we will not harm you”

Slightly mesmerized, she sat down and quote “a transparent enclosure came down around her”

It felt, strange, like moisture was being sucked out of her body, it was getting colder, and colder.

She began feeling heavier, and was trying to comprehend just what she was experiencing.

Three tubes came down from the ceiling and went through the enclosure, then down her throat, and both nostrils. They were pumping in air as a gray liquid began pouring over her head and down her body, filling the small form fitting seal around her while she hears a voice in her head “Just keep your eyes closed, you’ll be fine”

Okay, so this, this is the part where it gets weird.

And by that, I mean, her whole body becomes a vibrator

I hope what we’re about to read isn’t too long of a quote, but I’m not here to meddle with literary perfection.

Betty: “Oh-h-h-h, it’s soothing— it’s relaxing…. Oh-h-h-h, feels good…. Ah-h-h, feels good. Oh, it feels so good! It’s like a whirlpool—vibrating around. And I can breathe all right, ‘cause I’m breathing through my mouth and through my nose through those tubes.”

Author: The tranquilizing oscillations continued. The feeling of heaviness that had attended Betty from the onset of her experience dissipated. She became one with — in perfect resonance with — the undulating fluid. Suddenly, Betty started as a telepathic voice interrupted her reverie.

Betty: Yes?’ They’re calling me and telling me that they’re going to give me something to drink, and for me to swallow it.

What is it? What is it… They said not to be alarmed. It’s something I must go through and take. What is it?

Author: Betty waited expectantly. Soon, she felt a thick syrup seeping into her mouth through the connected tube.

Betty: It is a —  about a spoonful or so they are giving me through the tube, and it tastes sweet. Tastes good. Oh! This feels good! Oh, so relaxing. And it tastes… Tasted good. It was sweet and thick, sort of like a cough syrup. And I’m just in here and that vibration is going around and around, and it feels good on me. I feel very relaxed —  just like a whirlpool.”

Author: Did they give you this water-syrup-through the tube?

Betty: They gave it through the tube.

End Quote:

Page 79-80 of the book, that is word for word a direct quote.

Okay, but back to the story,

Not long after Betty swallowed the syrup, the vibrations stopped.

The gray fluid drained from around her and she opened her eyes.

The heaviness she experienced before started coming back.

But there was no time for after glow,

When she opened her eyes, she saw the creatures she’s been spending all this time with standing in front of her chair with a black hood over their heads.

One steps forward and presses something, releasing the weight she was feeling on her body and opening the chair.

“Follow us please”

Swoop, she’s sucked back into line and walking behind them.

They begin down a large, pitch black tunnel, their now silver suites were emitting a faint glow, which, mixed in with the pitch of the tunnel and the hood on their heads, gave the illusion of headless bodies gliding through the long corridor.

To Betty’s anxiety they are heading straight towards a glass like mirror and without stopping float through it.

the air, the atmosphere itself had a vibrating, red intensity to it.

And now she sees their are buildings everywhere, no sign of vegetation at all but stucco looking buildings dotting the landscape like a city.

As they kept moving closer to the city she realized there were hundreds of creatures crawling all over them.


“And these beings are — got two eyeballs… And there are loads of them. Oh, they’re scary! And they’ve skinny arms and legs and kind of a full body. End their eyes can move every which way, and they can climb just like monkeys. They can climb up quickly and swiftly and down and around and in and out of Windows. They are all over the place!”

They pass by the creatures without any issues, Betty the whole time, freaking out, asking what they are…

Betty had been transported to another planet, and the ride of her life it only just starting.

And that’s where we’ll pick back up next week, with part 2 of the Andreasson Affair.

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