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Episode 15

The Andreasson Affair - Pt 2 - Betty's Radioactive Boogaloo

Betty Andreasson’s journey continues as she takes a tour of the strange plant she was taken to. Radioactive Space Bird Jesus makes an appearance, and Quazgaa comes back! 
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When we last left off, Betty had just been teleported to another planet after, well lets just say, experiencing a mixed series of emotions.

(insert comment reminding people how she explained an orgasm chair)

And she was being taken on almost something almost like a tour of the area. Passing by buildings with weird space lemur monkeys that had no heads and little tendrils coming out with eyes.

The journey continues.

Still with the aliens floating in line like follow the leader, they are hovering a few inches above the ground. The atmosphere, saturated with shades of red like infrared light is emanating from everything would soon change.

As they proceeded along the track, they approached a strange, circular membrane, and like each time before, passed through it with no resistance.

From the deep reds and stucco buildings that seemed to completely engulf all of her view of the world previously, the air, the ground, the world, shifted into green.

Quote “It’s beautiful here. Oh, it’s so beautiful here. And we are still along the thing. And now that we are in the green atmosphere, they are taking off those black hoods.” 

They continued on their trek, floating over a narrow strip of land. Betty, looking off to the side sees a thick mist filling the air. It looks like a sea, and within it, weaving in and out, strange birds that look like fish are either flying or swimming through it.

The track their on begins to bend upwards and as her view expands, the sheer enormity of the world begins to overwhelm her. Plants, structures, oceans of mist, yet at no point could she see through the sky. Just an endless expansion of green. While there was light, deep green light, coming from everywhere there was no source, no sun or moon casting or reflecting down rays. 

She begins to think that maybe they aren’t “on” another planet, but inside of one.

This concept blew my mind for a little while. I mean think about it. We have vast underground cave systems here. With rivers flowing through them, bioluminescent life producing it’s own light in complete darkness. 

What if a planet, for whatever reason had large hollow areas inside of it where life began to bloom and evolve. Protected from an otherwise harsh external atmosphere the way earths ozone protects us.

Their first major phase of travel would be to make it to the surface. Not knowing what would be on the other side. 

The planet would act like some kind of large, embryonic space egg a species incubates in until their society hatchs.

Back to Betty,

They continue moving upwards on this invisible escalator, only interrupted once when they slow down and come to a stop as a large, white thing, Betty couldn’t find the words to explain passes by.

Betty looks down and sees a massive pyramid, slanted at an angle with one side of it cut out.

It was a brownish color, with the area that was cut into it completely white. Resting at the top, a head. Quote “It looked sort of like an Egyptian head, and it had like — you know how they wear those hats? It was just like a regular head. It wasn’t fat like a Sphinx — the Sphinx has a big fat face. This had 11 cheeks, but it looked sort of feminine, yet male.”

Moving further along this track, the are approaching an ever more intense light resting inside of what looks like crystals filled with rainbows.

Again, they pass through and now Betty is positioned directly in front of the light.

From the light, she begins to make out a massive bird, an eagle, with the light glowing intensely behind it.

As they continue towards it, the air starts to become overwhelming hot.

Betty begins to panic, it feels like she’s starting to boil.

They stop at it’s feet, the eagle, so large that it’s body is blocking the light shining from behind it.

Though the agony of burning she realizes the air is filled with floating, gold specks.

The heat intensifies and she begins writhing in pain.

But then everything begins to cool, the pain begins to subside and slowly opens her eyes.

She sees a small fire in front of her, gradually burning out and fading into a red glow. It’s just embers now in a pile of gray ash.

Where as before she felt like she was entering into the fires of hell, now, the air becomes freezing. Her body began cramping up.

Yet, a sweet smell begins to fill the are, and looking down into the small pile of gray ash and embers she notices something, a fat, gray worm resting in the middle.

An explosion of voices, all saying the same thing like a choir all around her say.

“You have seen, and you have heard, do you understand?”

Betty, “No, I  don’t understand what this is all about, why am I  even here?”

“I have chosen you.”

Betty “For what have you chosen me?”

“I have chosen you to show the world”

Betty “Are you god?”, “Are you the Lord God?”

“I shall show you as your time goes by.”

B “ Are you my lord Jesus/ I would recognize my lord Jesus.”

“ I love you. God is love, and I love you.”


She began crying hysterically, nearly to the point of convulsions.

While in the office, the same as countless times before, researchers, the hypnotist and others watched on. But this time, more so than the rest, the visible grasp of re-living the moment seemed to transcend a mear recounting. 

Her tears were out of gratitude, joy, happiness.

She was having a deeply religious experience, the likes of which, in a nearly a contagious manner, lifted the onlookers, leaving them questioning their own beliefs as they were fighting back tears.

Asked to elaborate about this experience later she would say that she understands it as an initiation, and that the Bird wasn’t God, but the light behind it, the radiation from the light behind it, was.

Quick back track and a lil side note.

1st, if you recall from our first episode, when the beings first appeared in Bettys house, when their uniforms were being explained, they all had a small patch on their arm, of a bird.

2nd, the bird, did y’all pick up on the symbolism, what it was?

It was a Phoenix.

  • And just how Betty picked up an a sweet smell before seeing the worm, traditionally, when a Phoenix is preparing for it’s death, it surrounds it’s self with the branches a plant called Spice Twigs, which release a sweet smoke when they burn.

But back to Betty,

After speaking with the bird, or God, or, whatever it was, the aliens and Betty made their way back down the track, back to the same room, with the same chairs, but this time, Betty would be placed in a different chair.

This time, when the process started, 

After getting situated, she again began to feel held down, her hands, legs and feet became extremely heavy.

One of the beings approached her, reached over to the edge of the chair and pressed a button.

Betty was electrocuted.

During hypnosis, it would be noted her body began flailing around on the chair while she was crying in agony.

Luckily this didn’t last long.

She found herself floating, being moved over to a different chair, once seated a form fitting, clear shell dropped down over the chair, and, the same as the first time, tubes came in and went down her throat, and in her nose, a weird transparent gray liquid began to fill the inside and Betty was found herself in a whirlpool of pleasure. 

She had been moved from the electric chair, to the pleasure chair.

Again, a  tablespoon of syrup slipped through the tube and into her mouth.


This little moment stands out, when the being ask if she’s comfortable, it’s one of the few times that they showed an emotional concern, a consideration or sympathy, something besides persistently asking the same questions over and over again and just dragging her along.

Well, after the pleasure chair drained, Betty, who was in an absolute state of bliss, found herself again being lifted, floating in the air and sat in another chair.

This time, when an enclosure dropped around her, a device came down, and strange, pink, red and orange colored lights started swirling around her, she felt warm….. Comfortable even.

This disco chair experience kept up for quite some time before finally 

Once the disco finished and the enclosure lifted, she would be in line again, moving trough the, what she assumes to be, same ship as when she first left.

They float down a long tube and arrive in a room.

A door appears and flashes open, it’s Quazgaa!

He approaches her and places his hands on her shoulders.

His voice starts speaking in her head.


 After this, he would go on to tell Betty that he had taken others on this same trip, others have had the same experience. And like her, this message, this knowledge would be revealed when the time is right.

With his hands on her shoulders, he says “Go, child, now, and rest”

With two other beings, Quazgaa proceeded to lead Betty back, through the ship and into the first room she entered at the start of this quest.

Once there, a door opened, he walked through and left.

Betty and the 2 other beings then walked out of the ship, and too her surprise, she was standing in her yard, just outside of the house.

The beings each held glowing white balls in their hands. One, slightly smaller than the other.

They floated into the kitchen and near the pantry, this is when Betty first saw her father, Waino, who had been standing, frozen in time at the window during this whole experience.


Then one of the beings went into the livingroom, betty followed

Thats when she saw the rest of her family, all in suspended states on animation.

Her daughter, Becky, still standing near the TV, with a smile stuck on her face.

The entities appeared to be doing something, like, they were re-activating the environment, the people in the house.

Betty, never one for waiting, began pestering one of the aliens,

“May I see the Book while I’m waiting?”, he didn’t answer.

And after repeating her self several more times, he finally points to it.

Telling her to read it and take as much information as she can from it.

That it’s filled with formulas, riddles, writing and poems.

Soon after telling her this he lead her up the stairs and takes her into a room.


Betty fell into a deep sleep.”

When she awoke, she felt incredible.

And for a long time after that, had no memory of what had taken place.

She found herself obsessed with reading and trying to understand the blue book she found the next day. She could barely put it down, looking through it again and again until, suddenly, on the 9th day. When she went to check the closet where she had been almost compulsively hiding it. It was gone.

Over the next few years, brief, but overwhelming moments, memories of the events, would begin trickling back into her mind.

At first, it was the light, she couldn’t shake the memory of an intense pulsing light outside of her kitchen.

Then, the beings. Coming in through the door and standing in the kitchen.

Shortly after this she reached out to J.Allen Hynick, who, eventually, connected her to the researcher and the hypnotic regression session began.

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