The Black Cat Report is a weekly podcast dedicated to the the paranormal. We cover the fringe history of UFOs, abductions, ghosts, bigfoot, hauntings, and true crime.

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Episode 13

The Berkshires UFO Incident

On the night of September 1st, 1969 a rural area of Massachusetts was rocked by upwards of 40 UFO events. Multiple people were abducted in clear view of witnesses, cars were forced to pull off the road due to massive hovering crafts, this s*** gets wild!
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On the night of September 1st, 1969,

Jane Green was driving back from Stockbridge, Massachusetts to town of Great Barrington, with her friend Marry DeGrace. 

As they made there way closer to their destination they noticed lights filling up the road ahead of them. Assuming it was either an accident, or the cops the continued towards the lights, but it kept getting brighter, more intense, and they started to notice other people we’re pulling off the road.

They parked, got out of the car, and realized the light was coming from a massive object stretching from horizon to horizon, hovering above the road.

In absolute silence everyone stood frozen by what they were witnessing.

The object then raised up higher, shot left, then to the right, and took off in the blink of an eye.

Jane, finally making it home, would call into the local radio station, asking if anyone else called in about the strange craft.

The DJ dismissed her and laughed it off,

Within the next hour though, the station would begin to be flooded by calls like Jane’s from all over the county.

This week, we’re covering the Berkshire UFO Incident.

Hello everyone and welcome to lucky episode 13 of the Black Cat Report.

My name is Gil, and I’m joined with the other incredible hosts of the show,



And Celina

Our episode today will cover a series of encounters and abductions all taking place one night in  Berkshire, Massachusetts, on September 1st, 1969

This area of the country was absolutely terrorized by this incident

THOM REED (The Bridge)

While we all know, horse people, AKA equestrians can’t be trusted, especially if they spell Thom with an H and aren’t Thom Yorke. The story of this strange night’s events wouldn’t be complete without the story of the Reed family.

(okay, maybe I’m a little bitter because I reached out to Thom and left him a voicemail and he never got back to me…) 

Anyways, 10-year-old Thom Reed was making his family proud riding a horse around at some event in town when suddenly his saddle became unsecured. People at the show managed to slow the horse down and stop it before Thom was injured. 

Grateful for her son’s safety, Thom’s mom, Nancy, was all like, lets go get food!

They went to a local diner, yaddah yaddah, it got to be around 9pm, way past bedtime and they decided to take a short cut across an old rickety covered bridge on their way home.

While Thom and his younger brother Matthew we’re sitting in the back of the family’s station wagon, (Soon to be Space-Station Wagon), Thom was downing fireball like no-ones business, and by fireball, i mean the hard candy, not the liquor, anyways. At some point he went to go give his younger brother some. 

Grandma, who was riding shotgun, caught Thom before his little bro got ahold of it and turned around to tell Thom he’s too young and might choke on the hard candy.

Midway through laying down the law grandma sees a light rising from the banks of the Housatonic River.

It was around that point that Nancy finally was pulling off of the old bridge and saw just to the left in front of them a massive, 1 to 2 story ball of light just floating there.

At this point with the Space-Station-Wagon barely moving at a crawl multiple beams of light shot from it, hitting their car. 

Matthew, who apparently has the same attention span as me, looks over to the right, and points out a large, swirling orange orb floating next to them.

While still slowly driving forward they hit an auditory deadzone, everything goes completely silent, the air feels different, almost like they are floating underwater.

The ball of light suddenly disappears and Nancy finally pulls over, then BOOM

A massive, disc shaped craft, the width of a football field, or, for our European listeners, the length of 800 cheeseburgers appeared hovering in front of them.

The Space-Station-Wagon was then consumed with light, all the sounds of the forest that had been muted came rushing back but overwhelmingly loud. 

Then boom, the car was off and they were sitting pharmacy parking lot a mile away.

Grandma was in the driver’s seat and it had been 3 hours since they were on the bridge.

Joey- I imagine the aliens just arguing with each other about where the family was supposed to be put back in the car.

“Ummmm—- Damn-it Klorp-TwoTwoNine, I told you to take a photograph”

“UmmmmEEEmmmm Shut the Fuck Up Ted, You are not the BossOrp of me, why do I always have to do document”

“Ummmm —- Because you always probe the wrong hole you idiot”

(*slap slap slap* then they have a little slap fight) Whole time the family is just drooling in awkward positions on the ground….

“Ummmm, fuck this, lets go get some Dairy Queen”

(Move to after Melanie’s Story)

MELANIE KIRCHDORFER (Kerrch-Door-Fer) (Just trying to have a Ciggy)

All 14 year-old Melanie Kirchdorfer (Kerrch-Door-Fer) wanted to do was sneak off and smoke a cigarette with her friend who stole one from their mom, but instead, she was stuck hanging out with her stupid parents and her stupid sister who all wanted to hit up DQ for ice cream then hang out at a nearby like that night.

After begrudgingly getting ice cream, Melanie and the rest of her family headed off to a nearby lake to chill and have a relaxing evening. 

After pulling into the parking lot, her dad, Joey, was proving how obnoxious he was by being one of those people that has to back in to every parking spot.

Making the situation even worse, Joey got distracted by an intense light that flooded the area around them. Leaning over the steering wheel he looked up.


Mom, waray of what was happening said “Ohhhhhhhh, Joey!” 

All the while Melanie and her sister in the back began screaming and shaking.

Their mom, trying to calm them down turned around,

“It’s probably a shooting star or something”

Dad, ignoring everyone yelled out. “We gotta chase it” and, probably self-satisfied that he was backed in and ready to go went to hit the gas.

That’s when Melanie’s memory began breaking down into parts, levitating outside of the car, being on a ship, laid out on a table, looking over and seeing kids all around her before one by one they began disappearing.

Then she opened her eyes, she was laying on her back,

Alone, near the lake.

Everyone was gone,

Confused and frightened, she began making the long walk home along.

Later she would find out that she was the only one in her family that had any memory of what happened after they saw the light.

I hope she was able to bum a cigarette on her way home.

TOM WARNER (coloring kid)

Our next encounter takes us to 10 year-old Tom Warner

Tom was hanging out at his neighbor’s house with his friend, 13 year-old Debbie Green as her older sister, Jane was babysitting him.

It was a typical evening with Tom and Debbie calmly sitting in dining room while Jane was slamming the table, yelling at Tom to stay in the lines.

(Ya think ya gonna get into Harvard with crap like that! Stay in the lines)

Everything was as it should be. That was, until Tom walked over to the window to look outside, probably to contemplate if a Catholic boy’s school would be easier then hanging out with Jane. That’s when it happened, Tom heard the voice of GOD!

Or atleast, that’s how he took it.

“You need to go home now”

Tom looks over to Debbie and say’s “I need to go home, now”

They ask, “what?” “What are you talking about?, did you’re mom tell you to?”

  • “No, I head a voice, maybe from that cloud up there”

Not one to disobey orders, Tom bolted past a confused Debbie and Jane and began running through the yard towards his house.

Chasing after him, they watched as he made his way to the end of their yard.

Suddenly, Tom hits a point where all sound stopped and his breath was taken from him.

He looks left, and almost instantly, a massive 30 to 40 foot UFO drops out of the sky.

It’s rotating in 3 different directions with beautiful lights swirling on it that he still, to this day cannot explain.

While staring at it, mezmorized, a beam of light hits him, Tom tries to run, but it’s no use, everyone watches as Tom is suspended, running in place. 

His arms jerk back like he’s strapped to an invisible table, air fills his lungs in a way he would later explain as being like “that first breath when you come up out of water while your swimming”

Then POOF!

Tom disappears.

(I can just imagine this whole time Janes STILL yelling at him “Damn it Tom, you think you gonna get abducted running like that? stay in the Light!”)

“Damn it Tom! You think you’re gonna get into Harvard being abducted like that? STAY IN THE YARD!”

And so this is when it gets even more wild.

While Tom was gone, wherever he was, he begins having strange momentary flashes of memory, brief clips of scenes where he’s floating inside of something, looking down and seeing tons of young children, Aliens, and what he assumes to be an Alien Hybrid.

At one point, he sees a girl, her eyes absolutely sunken back in fear, her face, horrified. It was  Melanie. As he floated, he saw the room, filled with colors, none of them in the lines, as well as a flat table, strange instruments and control panels.

Then POOF!

He opens his eyes and sees a light shining down onto him while laying flat on his back at the other end of the yard.

His brother began screaming, GET UP TOM! GET UP!!! RUN!!!

But he can’t!

And it was at that point he heard a voice in his head say “I’ll be done in a minuets”

He lays there, completely held down by the light, then SNAP, the light shuts off,

He stands up, and everyone watches as the UFO darts away.

In all, he had vanished in full view of at least 3 people for 7 minutes.

Also, Tom never did attended Harvard

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