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Episode 6

Ep 6: The Pale Crawler w/ Strange States - Is it a Wendigo? A Skinwalker? A Pale Stalker?

Is the Pale Crawler just a new name for an old fear? Is it a new type of cryptid? Some psychic chupacabra with a thirst for terror?

Join us this week as we bring in our guest host Chris, the man behind Strange States, as we attempt to dive into the posts behind the paranoia.

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While you’re sitting on your back porch, sipping a beer and smoking a cigarette, or taking your dog out for a late evening walk, you should know, You’re only alone from that which you know of, but you’re known by that which knows you. 

Right now, ash-white faces with sunken black eyes stare down at you from the tree tops. At 8 feet tall, with long thin limbs, they are moving with the silence of spiders, positioning themselves to get closer, always keeping your back to their front as they follow and define your habits.

This week, we’re bringing you a new paranoia, The Pale Crawler.

Hello, and welcome everyone to Episode 6 of the Black Cat Report,

Now, while you lock your doors, we’re gonna handle a little housekeeping and introduce our hosts today. 

My name is Gil, and I’ll be your captain this evening, 

Sitting across from me is the only videographer who could unblur bigfoot, Betsabe,

As well as the Barista of the Bizzar, Celina,

the producer of your nightmares, Joey,

And joining us from across the pond on this Fortean flight, our friend and cryptid Co-Pilot this evening 

Now, {Chris}, is the man behind Strange States, one of my favorite sources for the weird and paranormal. He cranks out content like no-ones business and could have easily been a Ghostwriter for Art Bell on Coast to Coast. 

Chris, How the hell are you doing this evening?

So if it works for you, I thought one of the best ways to introduce you to folks and to let them see why you’re so awesome would be to have you on as a guest host while we dive into a cryptid that most folks have never heard of and let them kinda get a feel for your knowledge of the fringe.

So to begin our show today, we’re going to get into some of the history and characteristics behind The Pale Crawler. While little is known or agreed upon about just what it is, there are a few reoccurring themes that come up in most people’s encounters. 

Beginning sometime in the late 2000s to early 2010’s people began reporting run-ins with a strange, potentially new entity. And while some claim it’s a cryptid, theories behind the origin of The Pale Crawler can range from it being an unknown species of cave-dwelling ape to a demonic or even interdimensional creature.

Humanoid in shape and Standing around 8 feet tall, the Pale Crawler is said to appear emaciated, with white or even translucent skin; it has disproportionately long arms with sharp claws on its hands; its face has no nose or ears and is highlighted by black, sunken eyes a mouth full of fangs and. And if that’s not enough, it’s incredibly fast, known to chase people down in their cars, moving like a lizard on all fours.

Appearing in both rural and urban environments,

A vast majority of the sightings seem to be concentrated in the United States, East of the Mississippi. Although it has been seen as far North as Alaska, there appears to be a fair number of cases coming out of California.

As for experiences,

Similar to how there is often an overwhelming smell present before encountering a Bigfoot, with The Pale Crawler, there is a persistent, consuming feeling of despair witnesses report at the time leading up to and during an encounter. Almost always building from an ever distracting sense of being watched.

As for interactions, 

there don’t seem to be any documented physical attacks. Just brief sightings, chases, and incredibly close calls. Sometimes the witness sees the creature running, only to find it waiting for them near their home, showing them it’s well aware of their habits. 

Now I say physical attacks here on purpose because there is a prevalent belief that The Pale Crawler feeds on the energy produced by fear. With some people recommend your best defense is to ground yourself emotionally while you walk, not run, away from an encounter. Essentially, make yourself a less plump food source for this psychic chupacabra, sucking out your lower chakras’ energy through an invisible straw. That being said, good fucking luck with that.

It’s also important to note here that if it’s not feeding psychically, there is nothing about its fangs, claws, or speed to suggest it to be anything other than a meat-eating predator, which leads some folks to theorize a correlation between The Pale Crawler and the immense number of people that go missing every year, particularly in U.S. National parks. 

All this begs to ask, 

What the hell is it, and what does it want from us?

While the name Pale Crawler is less than 20 years old, creatures and cryptids that match its behavior and description have been whispered about and feared for as long as humans have been around. 

Some say it is actually the base for the idea of the Vampire, which honestly if you put the vampire from the classic 1922 film Nosferatu side by side with depictions of the Pale Crawler, they look damn similar.

Other folks say it’s A Dogman, A Skinwalker, A Wendigo, A Forest Goul, and the list goes on and on.

So what are these, and why is or isn’t the Pale Crawler just a new name for an old fear? To throw more fuel on the fire, People who have had an encounter with something strange in their neighborhood, not knowing who their gonna call, Call Reddit, specifically the subreddit CrawlerSightings, which is going to be the main source for our episode today. And without further ado, let’s jump into the stories and submissions.

Sightings are usually brief, a lot of times, someone will just be driving late at night, and it will be standing in the middle of the road or on the edge.

(See Reddit Posts for further reading)

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