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Episode 5

Ep 5: Paranormal Investigations: An Interview with RKB Paranormal

Join us as we talk with one of the Co-Founders of RKB Paranormal
A Tennessee-based paranormal investigation team with some incredibly haunting experiences under their belts. We dive into some of the most heart-stopping stories, the gear you should have if you think your house is haunted, and more! 
We’re Just getting started, and it really means a lot!
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Damion is one of the co-founders of the team. He’s been highly interested in the paranormal since he was a teenager but he has been having his own personal experiences since age 3.
At that age, he vividly remembers experiencing what he can best describe as a witch-type figure floating above him after he woke up in the middle of the night. Since then he’s experienced unexplainable activity everywhere he’s lived. Everything from his closet door opening on its own to having his foot pulled on while in bed to hearing his name whispered in his ear. But probably the most profound experience was seeing a full-body apparition of a lady in white.

During his teenage years he, along with his 2 best friends Josh and Keith, would be out on the weekends investigating any cemetery or abandoned house they heard was haunted. During those years the 3 often talked about starting an actual paranormal investigation team and traveling to all these different haunted locations. But it wasn’t until Keith told him about Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky that he truly set his mind on becoming a legit paranormal investigator.
Continuing in adulthood a team was something the 3 still often talked about. But in June of 2011 Keith, who was a police officer in their hometown of Dickson, Tennessee, who shot and killed in the line of duty. At that moment the dream of 3 best friends came to an unexpected and heartbreaking halt.

Though as the years passed a team was still something Damion and Josh discussed.
In 2017 Damion finally made it to Waverly Hills Sanatorium for the 1st time and it was then he knew forming a team was something he not only wanted to still do but something he had to do. But it wouldn’t be until 3 years later after a night investigation with Josh and some other friends inside the cold, dark hallways and slowly decaying cells of Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee that the formation of the team would finally begin. And to honor their fallen friend they named the team after him and they become RKB Paranormal.

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