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Episode 19

The Pemex UFO Incident - UFOs, Humanoids, Cryptids, Weather Manipulation

A UFO flap, cryptids on the loose, a government clean up crew, close contact, it’s hard to find something the June 1st, 1973 Ciudad Pemex UFO Incident in Tabasco, Mexico doesn’t have! Yet, even with all these events and all the witnesses, it remains one of the best kept secrets in UFO history. 
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If the sky cracked, and another world opened up,

what would you do?

Even if you were surrounded by a town of people, all witnesses to what happened,

No one, would have the same words you would find when you try to describe the strange terror you witnessed

Importance of Event

This week, we bring you a story so so widely reported, yet so buried in dust, you’ll think you we’re hanging out with stanton friedman as he was cracking open Roswell

This is the Pemex UFO Incident, 

And we are the Black Cat Report

Host Intro

Hello everyone, welcome to ep 19

Leading Up to the Main Event

While the stories and the very public display of evidence surrounding the Pemex UFO Incident are fascinating.

One key thing, one major thing stands out. 

So many people in this town had such wildly different claims, and the evidence they pointed to was so wildly unrelated, it’s been nearly impossible to digest. The story around it has basically asked the few who found it to either ignore the whole case, or swallow a crazy pill, because you’re in for a ride. 

  • I’m talk’n everything from 8 foot tall ostrich looking chicken alien,
  • The Men in Black
  • Poisonous Slime Seeping into the City’s Water
  • An Air Force Base having an open shootout with a fleet of Saucers during a thunderstorm.
  • Giant, 3 toad white figures roaming town at night
  • Reptilians, Mass Hysteria, pretty much name it, so many theories, so many tales have been tied to this event.

But, Here’s the catch, while 90% of the wild, conflicting stories that have been copied and regurgitated about the event are wrong. 

The real story, at least the closest thing to the real story found so far, is 90% more wild, and makes %100 more sense…. Kinda

To help explain what mean by this, I wanna take you to the weeks leading up to the Pemex UFO Incident, more specifically, to the newspaper articles Carlos Guzmán discovered when researching it.

Weeks Before

You see, while Guzmán was digging through the newspaper archives. Looking for clues that might help him get a better understanding of the details surrounding the the June 1st, event.

He started to dig backwards, and around, shuffling through articles of local and regional newspapers for the weeks before June 1st, 1973. Thats when he came across something odd, something that actually perfectly connected the wild difference in testimony and evidence the story is known for.

What he discovered was that, in the weeks leading up to the Pemex UFO Incident, a Quote “strange animal went through some ranchería sowing terror” End Quote. And during this time, the unknown animal was even reported to of directly attacked people.

What does this mean?

Tying this all together, you literally get what I now realize is my wet-dream as a researcher.

You see, while researching this forgotten, but incredible mass UFO sighting, Guzmán discovered that at the same time it happened, there was also an Unknown Cryptid on the loose.

This means, some of the facts, some of the more wild stories tied to the Pemex Incident actually might be true, but not at all in the way they have previously been told.

The Week Before

Now, as for the week leading up to the main event, the city of Pemex became awash in strange lights appearing in the evening sky. Not just a few times, but nightly, in random places, at random times. 

It quickly became normal, and even expected that if you looked up in the sky at night, strange things would be seen flying around.

So much so, the kids around town quickly began going out every evening, staying up late and trying to spot the strange things appearing and floating in the sky.

This should raise some flags for fellow UFO enthusiasts about what might come next.


So, with a violent cryptid on the loose, and wild lights moving though the evening sky, we’re finally ready to realize just what happened in Ciudad Pemex, on June 1st, 1973, and why it’s been so hard for people to understand.

On June 1st, 1973

On June 1st, 1973, Residents of the small town of Pemex would face a wild series of events that, to this day are still with them.

And while some can deny some of the events, none, can deny all of the events.

So our story starts off sometime between 6pm and 10pm.

It was then that most agree all hell broke loose, and none say all was normal.

The Wind

When it started, some say they remember coming home, others, still at work, some in bed, but what ties them all together is the crash. 

Not of an object, but of the wind.

Like a switch was turned on, the branches of the trees sounded like knives slapping against each other. The air was violently thrashing against everything with the power of a tornado if it had came down everywhere.

People outside ran for the nearest cover while those inside ran to look out the window to see what was going on.

The Blackout

In no time, this intense wind knocked down powerlines and the town went into a blackout.

The Storm

That’s when the 3rd event happened, the storm.

Just as sudden as the wind hit, so too did a unholy downfall of rain begin to pour.

Like slitting the bottom of a zip-loc bag filled with water, the sky opened up to show the bottom of the sea falling in, and on to the shocked residents of the town.

Stories around this moment are consistent, people we’re scared to death, mothers and grandmas we’re lighting candles, not for the light, but for the lord. 

Kids were crying while the adults were praying.

Then, after a long 15 minuets of pure terror


The rain stopped

The Lightning & The Lights

And all of this all lead up to one of the strangest phenomenon I’ve ever heard spoken of.

With the world seeming to have finally calmed down, residents naturally walked over to their windows, scared of what they might see but encouraged by the silence.

Looking out into the night, witnesses would report seeing intense red, orange, blue and green lighting that was now ripping across the sky.

But after the initial moments of captivation, a new element came into paly. You see, 

It was during this display of colorful lightning that people began to notice there was movement. To quote a man telling the store about what him and his wife experienced that night, Quote

 “At ten or ten thirty, Marisela, who couldn’t sleep, comes up with the idea of ​​leaning out the window, and she screams tremendously. I got up. It turns out that between the lightning you could see lights moving from one side to the other, But they weren’t airplanes, they were like balls of fire of different colors that danced between the rays.” END QUOTE

I feel safe to say here, this scene is straight up apocalyptic. Like God skipped the rapture and went straight to final battle.

Witness Moments

While a number of witness testimonies corroborate seeing different points in our next event, 2 stand out in particular for being the glue holding together the related details of the majority.

In other words, while a lot of people all-over town saw something, a few saw everything.

2 workers, filling a tank at the plant

While working the night shift at Pemex, 2 older men were charged with going out to check on the wells near the facility’s runway.

As they were running their checks, they noticed that far down at the end of the landing strip, there was an object, slowly coming down to land. Not in a long decent, like a plain coming in, but in a slow, very intentional, vertical path towards the ground.

Then, A little while after they saw it land, they also witnessed it lift, rising vertically, before taking off.

Next, we go to Arturo Vadillo Pérez

When he was about 14 years old, Arturo was working as a firefighting assistant at the Pemex Facility, which, basically meant that, along with keeping an eye out for safety hazards, he would also be stationed with workers who are doing things around the plant that might cause the whole place to blow up. Specifically to stand near with a super expensive fire extinguisher. It’s kind of like a Fire Safety Assistant.

On the night of the event, Arturo, fire extinguisher in hand, was focused intently, keeping close watch on the sparks falling around a welder hard at work in front of him. Although it was pouring rain, a stray spark picked up by the wind, or a bouncing bead of hot metal could ignite the now pooling oil that was floating along the wet concrete.

Arturo, was so locked into watching, he didn’t notice the initial blast of wind until the welder himself stopped work to comment on it.

That’s when he saw, near the end of the plant’s small runway, a large metallic object, slowly, quietly, floating the last few feet before carefully landing 3 legs on the ground. For a moment, Arturo staired curiously at the bubble topped, elliptical object before assuming it was probably just something being moved by another Pemex crew.

But thats when, completely invisible before this moment, a door slid open on the side of the object, revealing a tall metallic figure standing inside. It emerged, facing the ground as it walked with both arms resting on it’s side. 

Arturo watched, trying to make sense of this strange sight. While this figure, moving with such intent and so focused at the ground. It was that there must be an obscene amount of weight behind each step, yet while walking, it moved in a unnaturally smooth, almost mechanical way. 

Still fixated on the figure, Arturo was looking at it when QUOTE “… he raises his face, and it was like he was photographing. Like someone taking photos”. END QUOTE 

Arturo, who, at this point was convinced it was a worker in a strange metal suit, didn’t think to react when the figure, in a rapid motion looked directly towards him. Arturo was indifferent, it was his job afterall to watch over the workers and prevent accidents.

The figure, not acknowledging if it had actually seen him, continued on with it’s snapping, photo like movements, making it’s way back onto the object it first emerged..

An intense wind soon flooded in, pushing the trees downwards and twisting like a tornado while the craft silently began to rise. 

Arturo standing in shock, was finally being hit with the full reality of what just happened.

The Next Morning

The next morning, residents of Pemex awoke to yet another surprise.

This one a little more confusing, than frightening,

There were footprints, 

animal tracks, 


They looked like the shape of dog tracks, with a large pad for the heel, but these only had three toes and the marks they left, the actual footprints themselves were a grayish white.

But what left residents unsettled wasn’t the strange tracks,

It was the response, 

Not long after first noticing these footprints, more and more residents began to comment on the white triangles drawn around them. 

The points of the triangles, facing in the direction of wherever the animal was heading.

The tracks, and the triangles marking them had all appeared sometime between the end of the storm, and early the next morning, how this was possible no one could figure out.

But, they didn’t have to guess for long.

In town, and in areas where tracks converged, gringos,

  • The Path of Evidence
    • In people’s yards, the alleys, coming from the fields
    • Next to the runway
    • And on the main street in town
    • Most of them, lead directly into the drains around town
    • In all, tracks were Spanning over a kilometer through the city
    • And of an even stranger note here. TV antennas attached to the sides of homes were all snapped at the poles, directly in the path of the prints.
  • The Cleanup Effort
    • Already being marked with white triangles pointing in the direction the animal, or thing was going
    • Gringos Flood In
      • white suits (hazmat)
      • police are helping to keep people back
    • Use of chemicals
    • Sulfuric Acid
    • Cutting & Removing Sections of Sidewalks

  • The Landing Sight
    • Between the Soccer Field & The End of the Landing Strip
    • 3 Distinctive Burn Marks were found on the ground, underbrush, all the plants under tree was flattened,
    • Tree branches, not broken, but tangled & twisted
    • Before long, Americans showed up in hazmat suits here too. Checking the ground with Geiger counters as stunned residents were trying to grasp wth just happened in less than 24hrs

Lasting Evidence

  • The sheer range and amount of footprints meant that regardless of the Americans best efforts to remove or destroy them, many were never found or simply couldn’t be removed.
  • These prints would go on to be clearly visible for months.
  • As well as the charred ground where the craft had set down.
  • It became common for folks walking on their daily routes to intentionally avoid the prints, fearing they may be radioactive.

The Blowback

Word spread, and In the time immediately following the incident, reporters, researchers, and curious tourists flooded into town.

Including the father of Mexican Ufology, Vale Pedro Ferriz

“I’m aware that to most people visiting this site that name is unfamiliar, yet to many UFO enthusiasts in the Spanish-speaking world, Ferriz is nothing short of a legend. Not only was he one of the first to investigate & popularize the topic in Mexico with his TV program Un Mundo nos Vigila (A World is Watching Us), but he was also a pioneer in Latin American telecommunications. During his long career he managed to interview many of the most important figures of the XXth century –among them Werner Von Braun– and he was also responsible for covering the lunar landing of Apollo XI.”

“In the field of UFOlogy he was a close friend & associate of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and in 1977 he organized the 1st international UFOlogy congress in Acapulco, Guerrero, which managed to gather the leading investigators in the field —Jacques Vallée, John Keel, Salvador Freixedo, Fabio Zerpa, Enrique Castillo Rincón, Walter Andrus, Hynek, William Spaulding & Ray Stanford.”


The Press

Front page stories came out all across Mexico, and, as anything of this type of a mass public display of strangeness will do. Witnesses, honest., and maybe not so honest, began telling what they saw.

  • Stories arouse of Men in Black
  • Reptilians
  • Large Ostrich Like Chicken People
  • Poisonous Slime seeping into the drains
  • Footprints found on people’s bed sheets
  • Multiple craft and landing sites
  • Demons
  • An already unbelievable event grew to become a tangled web of single source tall tales quickly read and then reprinted en mass.

Overview of Key Events (Show Summary)

  1. What happened in the story?
  2. Why is this important?
  3. Does this remind you of other events?

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