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Episode 31

The Trumbull County UFO Chase! Police & Citizen Recordings From That Night!

A massive UFO appeared 50ft above the ground in an Ohio neighborhood. These are the actual recordings of citizen, and police reports from that night as they flooded in from multiple townships across Trumbull County, Ohio.
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Speaker 2 00:00:08 I didn’t see you there. Something big is going on here. From
Speaker 3 00:00:11 Hunting Ghost to
Speaker 4 00:00:12 Bigfoot. Paranormal UFOs true crime. And more.
Speaker 2 00:00:14 We won’t just be spouting articles. I was researching for your entertainment, beginning of the New
Speaker 4 00:00:19 World, the best squad you’ll ever fucking eat. True story.
Speaker 2 00:00:22 It’s basically like one day you walk outside and you see that the ants are playing with matches. Black.
Speaker 3 00:00:27 This, this is Black Cat Report. See you on the other side.
Speaker 6 00:00:36 Dispatch. Okay, Bob, I swear to God for calls in on an unidentified object over Liberty, four calls, four calls on an unidentified flying object
Speaker 2 00:00:48 We just heard was Trumbull County, Ohio 9 1 1 Dispatcher Roy Anne Rudolph making a private call to her close friends, Sergeant Toby Mal. It was shortly after midnight on December 14th, 1994 and more calls would soon be coming in. Hello everyone and welcome to episode 31 of the Black Cat Report. My name is Gill and I’m joined here today by the incredible Joey. Hey there, the International Beach Bigfoot Hunter extraordinaire Bebe, and the K Crypta Queen Selena.
Speaker 7 00:01:26 Hello.
Speaker 2 00:01:28 Now, before we get into these incredible recordings, we have to give credit to the source and more so the completely unlikely wild series of events that led up to obtaining them. You see a 1996 Kenny Young, a U F O researcher from Cincinnati published details about his ongoing investigation into a potential U F O crash. This crash took place on December 26th, 1988, near Liberty, Ohio, just north of Dayton, right next to the very legendary Wright Patterson Air Force base. Apparently on that night, the assistant chief of police witnessed a massive line green ball of light, emerged from the clouds, change color, and then crash violently into the ground. Calls were then made from local dispatch to Wright Pat, and from there the story goes. A secret government crash retrieval team descended on the area and the whole thing was hushed up.
Speaker 2 00:02:27 Well, two years after publishing his initial research, Kenny received an email from an Ohio dispatcher who had shared the story with his coworkers. They’d all become fascinated by it and started asking around, reaching out to other dispatchers in Ohio until finally they were able to confirm. Yes, it did happen. The information collected by the dispatchers gave Kenny a number of new leads, including the specific police department involved that night. As it was that wild untamed time before Google to find a long distance phone number, you’d press zero on your phone to call the operator, who then find it and hook you up. Well, Kenny called the operator and asked for the phone number to the Liberty Police Department. As it turns out, there are 25 different Liberty townships in the state of Ohio, and the operator gave him the wrong Liberty Police Department, which was literally on the opposite end of the state.
Speaker 2 00:03:30 Now here’s the moment where an honest mistake and coincidence become fate. When Kenny called the number he was given and started asking about a U F O incident from a few years ago, the dispatcher told him, yeah, we remember that Kenny would then go on to ask follow-up questions and a relationship would build between him and the folks who worked at the Liberty Police Dispatch. Slowly after two weeks of calls and questions, Kenny would come to realize that it was the wrong damn police department, but by now he was hooked on this new case. In the end, all this led to the dispatchers finding the recordings in their archives and in a semi-legal way making and sending a copy to Kenny. And this copy is what we’re hearing now. If you wanna know more about Kenny, the story behind the tapes and his thoughts about the events, I’ll include the link to an old Art Bell interview in the show notes. Now, let’s get back to the story.
Speaker 6 00:04:34 County dispatch. May I help you? Yeah. Did you get any reports or any object in the air? About 15 minutes ago? Yeah, somebody called in, but I’m not in, I really don’t know what that would be. Yes, knew, but I mean, it was very strange. Okay. Like a back end of a, like one of them fighter planes, you know, like a plane coming out the back. Okay. Was it just like moving at a slow rate of speed? It wasn’t a slowly was a fast, but it was coming down. It was coming down, yes. Like straight down or at an angle? Like an angle. At an angle, yep. Okay. It was a real big hill. Know in the bike. Okay. Wave. All right, we’ll tell you what, we’ll check with airbase and my, and see if they have any report of anything in the area. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Okay, bye. Way 9 96. We have a report by cc. Actually two calls in of a vehicle in the sky unknown object above Sampson Drive. Have you noticed anything? What’s the location theory of Sampson Drive?
Speaker 8 00:05:52 North,
Speaker 6 00:05:52 South, sir, he just advised in the air in the sky, he didn’t advise direction. 9 9 8 9 9 8. Did he hear you? A description of the object public? Sir, I’ll give you
Speaker 6 00:06:19 County dispatch. Okay Bob. I swear to God, four calls in on an unidentified object over Liberty. Four calls, four calls on an unidentified flying object. I’ll take a look. All right, we’ll check it out. You want me to call the air base and see if there’s anything in the area? I’ll take a look. I tried to, God, you wanna hear the call? Come out here choke. You had the call? Wait a minute. I’m gonna let you hear the call soon. You think I’m lying? No, I believe you. No, I swear to God. Listen. Wait a minute.
Speaker 6 00:07:04 Somebody called in, but I’m not, I really don’t know what that would be. Okay. Okay. The air and see if they got, I’m stroking the hell out of this guy. Was it moving him slowing his speed? Did it get directly down <laugh>? Hold start a freaking panic. You guys got freaking UFOs over there? Yeah. Come. They got in, huh? Huh? SPK is in town if Dock is in town. Spk. Spock. Oh, you mean like Generation Star Trek thing? Smart ass. Tell ’em they’re forming the sequel, old filming the sequel right here in Liberty <laugh>. Okay. All right. You let me know if you get a packet. Am gonna call <laugh> prob up. I spit his ass so fast outta that freaking swear to God. This is our fourth or fifth call on it. All right. All right. Byebye? Yeah, I’ll be in the area in about just 30 seconds here. Is it one particular block it’s going over or one area of the Sampson Road or drive. Okay. Yeah, sorry. Knowledge. We’ve had four different calls and this particular one came over Sampson. Okay. Different areas or on Sampson itself? They just said in the sky. That’s all we have in the sky. Okay. Area. I’m in the area. I’m checking for an object in the sky. Copy at 30 after
Speaker 6 00:09:05 County. Dispatch dispatcher. Yeah, I dear. This is state stay 33. This is gonna send the sound wrong. I hear Liberty Police are in an area that I got a call about a little bit ago. Um, a woman called claims. She saw something and this guy Yeah, yeah, you called me a little while ago. Okay. Um, I heard they’re out there and they’ve got got another call. Yeah, we finally got one on it somewhere there. Um, what the woman told us on Samson Drive, like midway in the block, there’s a vacant lot or something. Hold on. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll let you talk to the Liberty dispatcher. Okay. Patty Dispatch, may I help you? Hi dear. This is Stacy 10 33. Hi Stacy, how are you? I got one of your friends <laugh>. Did you really? This woman was almost <laugh> serious. Sorry. She saw something. She told me that the area was like Sampson Drive. There’s a vac field midway through the block. They’re telling me this too, but I mean it’s, I mean, it’s probably some weather balloon or something, you know what I mean? They’re checking the area, but I really, these UFO calls are getting on <laugh>. I don’t know what its, if it was, what the hell did they come to Liberty for? There’s no intelligent life in Liberty. Come on now. <laugh>.
Speaker 6 00:10:20 We’re telling everybody there’s, therefore they’re doing this. The, what’s that new Star Trek movie generation stuff. Louis Green? No noise. No noise. It was low flying and took off. Oh, come on. Fifth Avenue. Are you, it’s driving up Fifth Avenue extension now. Nobody, not Christ not driving. You flying it came down and just Zed over it with a big glowing object. Well, we got four calls on it and the last guy said it was a fighter plane. <laugh>. See, you tell me that I would do like a big, big news story on the water and liberty and effects on the people because these people are clearly afflicted <laugh>. But I appreciate the tip. I’ll let ’em know some more on it. I just, I dispatched it cuz God only knows my luck. It would land here abduct some people and I would be in trouble for not dispatching. I was impressed because I heard the way you dispatch it and I said she’s trying real hard not to braid <laugh>. And I’m working with the biggest jokers on the, on the fourth tonight. So it’s real hard not to. Lucky you, <laugh>. Well, if we do run into a u l I swear I will call you personally. Okay? Okay. We’ll give you an exclusive, okay. All right. Mm. Bye-bye.
Speaker 2 00:11:40 All right. So first off, to me, coming across this audio was pure freaking gold <laugh>. Yeah. It’s amazing. But this lady needs to get a job as a comedian because she is roasting liberty so bad.
Speaker 9 00:11:56 <laugh> <laugh>. She
Speaker 2 00:11:57 Seriously is though. Just like you need to do a big story on like the water and da da da da.
Speaker 9 00:12:05 Like,
Speaker 2 00:12:05 Damn, there’s no intelligent life on Liberty Street. What are you talking about? It’s like what?
Speaker 9 00:12:10 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:12:12 Dang.
Speaker 4 00:12:12 Liberty County
Speaker 2 00:12:13 Liberty, the whole county. Wow. It’s a, it’s, uh, I thought it was
Speaker 4 00:12:17 County Temple County.
Speaker 9 00:12:18 Wait, where what, what state is
Speaker 2 00:12:20 This? It’s Trumble. So this is in Ohio. The
Speaker 9 00:12:24 Same Oh yeah. There’s no intelligence life in Ohio, from what I’ve heard.
Speaker 2 00:12:28 That’s true. Is that near where you were born? <laugh> Go man. <laugh>, allegedly. Um, that’s a, that’s a, that’s a conspiracy for another episode. No, I’m just kidding. Love my Ohio people and I will do my best to help get y’all the fuck out of there if you’re trying to leave <laugh>. Um,
Speaker 4 00:12:48 Also they have the fuzziest deer.
Speaker 9 00:12:50 Oh
Speaker 2 00:12:50 Yeah. We do have really fuzzy deer. But anyways, so, so we just heard a lot. I know. We just kind of like, I just jumped into it there and a lot of things just happened. Um, the first call, uh, was actually the second recorded call the evening. All this started at midnight, basically just a few minutes after midnight. And back in the day, uh, when they would record 9 1 1 dispatch calls, they would, you know, actually have large tapes that they would record it on. And every night at midnight they would take ’em out and put a new set in. So in the tapes that eventually land in the hands of a U f O researcher, it’s just a copy of what happened after midnight. So we don’t have the first call, we just have references to it where they’re kind of mocking the lady, talking about how she was so hysterical and she was gonna cry and all these other things. Right.
Speaker 9 00:13:39 What year is this again?
Speaker 2 00:13:42 1994.
Speaker 9 00:13:43 19 19 90.
Speaker 2 00:13:45 Not even that long ago. Yeah. Um,
Speaker 4 00:13:49 But a year after I was born. Dang,
Speaker 2 00:13:52 Tupac, I miss you. Anyways, um, <laugh>. So second audio clip that we had there was Roy, she was humoring like the guy who called in there had been two reports at this point. And I’m, I don’t even feel like I’m going out on a limb here saying that she’s just assumed it was something else. It was a weather balloon. It was, they always seemed people drinking. It was a prank. It was, yeah. It, it had to be something else. But she humored the guy and at least reached out to a cop who was already patrolling in that area of town. And his response, the audio, I seriously did a lot of work breaking apart this audio. The original file is damn near impossible to actually listen to in certain areas. But anyways, the guy, he like asks, he’s like, well, this is on north or south side of the street. And she’s like, didn’t specify it. Just said, it’s up in the air. And he’s like, well, what does it look like <laugh>? And he’s like, and, and she’s just like, it looks like a vehicle in the air <laugh>. And like, and so he is just kind of like, uh, it’s okay. Okay.
Speaker 9 00:14:56 <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:14:58 Now the, um, the third piece of audio we heard, um, and I’m not gonna do this all episode breaking it down here, but there’s a couple important things early on. The third piece of audio is actually, um, so Sergeant Toby Mal, the full conversation from what we heard the snippet from at the beginning of the episode, she didn’t want to put out this notice of these three or four calls coming in about UFOs over the radio where the public can hear it and other police departments and other people, you know, her, her peers could like hear such a ridiculous thing. Yeah. News departments. So she actually called him from her phone. It was still getting recorded through the tapes, right? So it was the nine one one one dispatcher phone. It just wasn’t on like the public, you know, CB radio, shortwave radio thing. And he was sitting at a coffee shop, or specifically he was sitting at a donut shop with other cops. And there’s a part of the audio, which is damn near impossible to hear, but he basically says like, all right. And he like hands somebody’s coffee and tells them to watch it. He’s just gonna go down the street and come back. So now Toby Mallor, and this is important kind of, he’s the second cop sent out there during the course of this evening.
Speaker 2 00:16:12 The last one up, or sorry, second to last one up, is going to be the cop who basically got out there. He is like, I don’t know where I should go. I don’t know where I should be looking. Kind of the same as the first cop that got reached out to. And the last one was a reporter who was calling in, just being like, somebody called me and da da da da da. I noticed on the radio you guys were also starting to talk about this, and they all just made a giant joke out of it. That’s, that’s a summary. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But anyways, what do y’all think so far?
Speaker 9 00:16:41 I think it’s great that they have the tapes and I think it’s uh, um, like a legit thing to react to something like that. You know, like you’re just doing your work and then you start getting all these calls and you’re just like, okay, <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:16:57 Yeah. I
Speaker 4 00:17:00 Don’t know. Yeah, they definitely don’t take it seriously. At least at first.
Speaker 2 00:17:05 Yeah. It’s, it’s gonna change. But
Speaker 9 00:17:08 I mean like, would you just
Speaker 2 00:17:09 Remember all the laughter?
Speaker 9 00:17:10 Like, I mean, obviously I guess us, I mean us, yeah, because like, this is like our thing, but like for people that don’t ever think about stuff like that, but yeah, like for regular people that don’t really ever think about aliens or UFOs or anything like that. Like, like I, I love their reaction to this because it’s like, you know, most people will react that way. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um mm-hmm. <affirmative> especially like, you’re just doing your jobs. It’s a random night and then you start getting all these calls from people and you’re like, oh my God, come on. And then like, and I, I love how she makes the joke that they need to check the water cuz she’s like, oh, oh my God, this town is insane. <laugh>
Speaker 4 00:17:52 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.
Speaker 2 00:17:53 I do.
Speaker 4 00:17:54 She’s sassy. She’s funny.
Speaker 9 00:17:55 I know. I love it.
Speaker 4 00:17:56 <laugh>. I don’t wanna be her friend
Speaker 2 00:17:57 A hundred percent, but,
Speaker 4 00:18:00 And like later on, sorry, just later on, you’re gonna be like, yeah, I really do wanna be her friend. Yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 9 00:18:07 <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:18:09 I still think, um, well the value to the, or the value of this to me, other than the actual, like, just almost like being there, like looking over their shoulder. Like this is being a fly on the wall while these reports are coming in while a major U f O event is happening, right? Like this is literally, this is it. I don’t know a lot of cases in history that like, we have, that we have reports from 20 years later as well. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. It’s like 20 years later, 30 years later. Or it’s through like, you know, um, uh, hypnosis sessions or it’s through this or da, da da da da. It’s like all these things and it’s just a lot of hearsay and it can be really hard to kind of cut through the fog and cut through the static. And this is like play by play, you know, this is like, this is literally like, you know, listening to a baseball game on the radio in the 1950s or 1940s or, you know, and just like hearing every single thing happening and Yeah. Well, while Roy and the reporter were laughing over the reports, more police were being sent out to the scene. You see, there was an anxiety building at the department itself. Sergeant Maro, the second officer sent to investigate, wasn’t responding to calls
Speaker 6 00:19:33 County dispatch. Deputy. Pardon? Am I calling my Liberty police what you need, ma’am? I wonder, did you had any, um, anyone call you about a, a strange plane or airplane or something in the air? Yeah, they’re checking it out. Yeah, I just saw it on Sampson Road. Where? On Sampson Drive. Okay. I was coming down Sampson Drive. It was almost, it looked like it was, I don’t know what it was, if it was a flying sauce or, or what it was. It wasn’t an airplane. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. It was not an airplane. It was down Offley Road. Are you the same lady that called Channel 33? No. Okay.
Speaker 6 00:20:21 All right. Have you, you must have had calls, other calls that order, huh? Yeah. Not many. A couple? Yeah. All right. Thank you. What did it look like, ma’am? It was like a, uh, almost like an arid dozen color. It was like a bluish, bluish purple. Purple, you know? It was like a long streak, you know, it like, it had, it almost was like a, it had fire coming outta his back. Like, okay. You know, maybe it was, I don’t know what it could have been if it was, if it was an, I know it wasn’t an airplane. Okay, ma’am. I’ll let ’em know. All right. All right.
Speaker 6 00:20:59 Nine. The radio stopped me. Said, uh, it appeared to be hovering about, uh, 50 feet off the ground, heading towards bottom hutch. And I’m gonna be checking that area. It’s supposed to be a large object with a lot of lights on it. Sir. I have another report. Uh, SSON Drive. And also we’ve been advised, uh, by collar to the media, media formed desk. It was a red, it was a bluegreen object hovering no noise. It was in the area. Fifth Avenue extension 98 on any good. I see some lights. It’s over one block for me. I’m gonna try to get over there. I gotta go down the street here. A large object, whatever it is. 9 96. Are you in the area?
Speaker 6 00:21:52 Nine five. You went head over to that area, your traffic, where did you stay at? I just got a glimpse of it. I could see, I’m on Samson right now. I could see it heading West Fifth Avenue on the other side. I could see some lights up to hear in that area. All 90. Should I, my, yeah, go ahead and do that. Fifth Avenue. 96. Can you repeat your traffic area? Fifth Avenue area. Fifth Avenue extension 9 96. You advised that you don’t see anything. I could see it was like a red pulsating light. ETT was, was advised it would be blue and green. I saw it was a red, it was like a pulsating light. Looked like it was like to the bottom of the airplane, but it was real big. Okay, we’re trying to contact the air base this time. Standby right here. Hey, tiny green man
Speaker 2 00:23:33 With multiple cops now confirming a visual on an object in the area. Royann finally calls air traffic control, which by the way, in the audio, they will be referring to as Airbase
Speaker 6 00:23:51 Patrol. Uh, yes sir. Sir, this is Ryan from Liberty Town Police Department. YesOn, Ohio. Yeah. We have a report of some flying object in our jurisdiction in our area, uh, above the Sampson Drive Avenue extension area. I could not give you any kind of, uh,
Speaker 6 00:24:06 Traffic, you know, direction that would help you know, that area. Do you know of anything that should be in our airspace this time? Close to the ground? Uh, right now, this is not a prank phone call. I swear you need, I’ll be back to verify. Look at the, uh, radar scope. And, uh, I go 60 miles diameter of Youngstown in there is nothing out there. Oh, shit. Not even got anything up high. Five, five accounts, five calls in on this. Yeah, something’s flying in our area and it’s loaded the ground. Would you be able to monitor like a assessor or something with a light on it?
Speaker 6 00:24:38 Well, off it was you, me, visibly no radar with with the radar. Oh, with the radar. Uh, it, except on high is and where they are, you know, if it’s, uh, low radar coverage, so there isn’t, okay, now I get to go here and tell them something and I don’t wanna say you couldn’t find anything. Is there any like, uh, clause I might use it, it might be like a personal aircraft or something that might be used at night or something. Could be, could be, uh, you know, to, could be anything. Um, the, as far as, uh, uh, any kind of helicopter traffic or anything down low, they don’t have any kind of requirements to, uh, it made no noise unless they’re coming into the airport here. Okay. So you have no communications with helicopters? It could be something like that. Yeah, it could be a helicopter.
Speaker 6 00:25:23 The, uh, helicopters particularly as well as well. Okay. All right. I’m, I’m buying this a hundred percent, but are you, uh, you know, is that location anywhere in near hospital? We are close to a hospital, but the location is away from as low as they said it was to the ground. It would be approximately five miles away from the hospital. Yeah. Um, we’re closer to that. End of town is closer, like out towards lava line, Uhhuh, <affirmative> by air base area. And that’s what I thought maybe it was related to. Yeah, we haven’t had, uh, we haven’t had anything, uh, going on. Uh, you know, nothing come from that direction. Uh, okay. Commuter commit half an hour, then I’m gonna rep. Okay guys, just go out here northbound, climb up high and, uh, nothing’s going on on here. Okay. I am going to advise you of this. You could take it and file it in G and your garbage. I if you want to, uh, we’ve got accounts of this. Hold on one second for me. Okay. I’ve got four to six calls. Hold on one second.
Speaker 6 00:26:43 Okay. Um, at this time I’ve had four to six calls come in about a lit object, well lit object, blue green lights hovering above, uh, the area of Sanson Drive and Fifth Avenue. The object was low to the ground, did not make any noise. Uh, hovered there for some time that continued moving down East fifth Avenue Extension Road. Um, my mute was out. He caught something he thought was red. Somebody described it at the end of a fighter pilot plane. I don’t know what the hell kind of lines of continuum their drawing here. I don’t see any, but this is what I was advised of, so I wanted to call. Okay. Well, you know, we don’t, uh, we, I have a, uh, I was downstairs in the radar room. I would have a finder with some phone numbers. You have, uh, some 800 numbers as far as, uh, you identified flying out there for reports and things like that.
Speaker 6 00:27:35 If you wish you can call, well, you know, during business hours at that, like I said, I don’t know. Gotcha. I don’t see anything out there. Uh, nothing on the radar scope. I haven’t seen anything and, uh, you know, we don’t really do anything with the information. Okay. I just, I thought I’d passed along in case somebody was maybe flying without permission and, you know, night flying or something like that. I didn’t know what was going on. But, uh, as long as I’ve done my job passing along and I don’t wanna sound like a crack pot, but that’s what we’ve got in so far going away. Okay. Thank you.
Speaker 6 00:28:05 County Dispatch. Hi, uh, it’s Adam Hutchins Road and Sampson, uh, drive out in Liberty. Yes, ma’am. Um, I wonder if they, I heard on the scanner where they were looking for that big blue, right ma’am? Yeah. Did they find anything yet? Uh, not yet. Uh, the dispatcher from Liberty Townships right now, she’s, uh, sticking with the air base to see if they have possibly something in the area at this time. Oh, I see. Yeah, I heard on scanner I thought was running flying, so it wasn’t very far from the ground. Well, that’s why she contacted them in case it might on that. How about your, pardon? Do they call the news on that? Uh, I have no idea. Yeah, that’s all I heard. And the scanner that they did, but they think it might be from the air base. Right. That’s what I said. The Liberty dispatch is on the, uh, phone right now speaking with the airbase. They think that’s where it’s from. Yes. All right. Well thank you. Okay, now. Bye-Bye.
Speaker 2 00:29:08 I had to include the audio of just the like nosy old lady who was just up late listening to a police scanner, <laugh> and literally just called to give them her opinion. She’s like, well, I think they should blah, blah, blah. Okay, bye.
Speaker 9 00:29:23 I know that will be, she
Speaker 2 00:29:24 Deserves her own show.
Speaker 9 00:29:25 Yes, <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:29:27 She
Speaker 9 00:29:27 Does. That’s something I would do, but <laugh>
Speaker 2 00:29:31 But it does, it does represent the fact that like, you know, they weren’t just getting calls from folks actually like reporting it, but they were starting to get calls from people that were hearing about it. Yeah. And were concerned. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, they weren’t direct like witnesses, but they were like, Hey, like, what’s going on? Da da da da da. All of this is building up a lot of tension for just some random night in a sleepy town. Yeah, right. <laugh>, like, it’s like pretty much the graveyard shift and like, the way it’s always been described every time I’ve heard, um, Royann talk about it in like interviews and such is just like, yeah, maybe there might be like some random folks at a bar that are bored and get drunk and start a fight for no reason. Like that’s the most exciting thing that would happen in this, in this area.
Speaker 2 00:30:14 So now it’s like now all the pressures on them. And I do wanna bring up one interesting fact, which will be more relevant later on. There’s about four or five, um, towns or like cities that all share the same 9 1 1, uh, operator, like dispatch location. So they’re all in the same room with each other, even though they’re on different radio stations in different channels. Earlier on you could hear, you could literally hear Roy earlier on in the background talking during some of the audio. And this will happen back and forth. Like this is literally being a fly, like on the wall, like hearing these things going on in the room. Even while that last lady called in and she’s like, well, yeah, she’s on the phone with airbase right now, da da da. If you listen closely, you could literally hear in the background talking to Airbase, like mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and this is what these tapes are capturing. Yeah. Um, but with all that said, I thought the the airbase call was hilarious cuz she was just like starting to get desperate. Yeah. Like trying like anything, like anything at all. And he’s like, they’re like, nah, she
Speaker 9 00:31:19 Immediately said shit when he said nothing in the air. I know. I love that.
Speaker 2 00:31:25 He’s just like, what? I’m pretty sure just call a u f o of hotline. And she’s just like, that’s what I’m trying not to do.
Speaker 9 00:31:31 <laugh>. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:31:33 That dude. Oh God. I should have just had it as a small audio clip. I’m pretty sure that dude was just like blitzed out of his mind. Oh, he was, he sounded so fucking high. And he was like, like there was like a minute where he is just like, ah, <laugh>. Like while she’s talking
Speaker 9 00:31:49 <laugh> he definitely was.
Speaker 2 00:31:50 He’s like, oh, ok.
Speaker 9 00:31:51 <laugh> just like,
Speaker 2 00:31:53 So like, I don’t know if that knocks the credibility. I mean there may have clearly been a plane visible on radar and he was just staring at like an old Captain Crunch box or something like that. He’s like, I don’t see anything to the west of you <laugh>. Like, but like, yeah. Yeah. I dunno. But that, that dude sounded cross faded. X faded, Z faded every form of faded.
Speaker 9 00:32:12 Faded possible.
Speaker 2 00:32:14 Yeah. All the
Speaker 9 00:32:15 Faded. I mean he, I feel like he wasn’t even like surprised by it or anything. He’s just like, mm-hmm. Yeah. He literally sounded like he did not care. Yeah. He’s like, whatever. She
Speaker 2 00:32:26 Even said like, she’s like, just in case somebody’s flying like
Speaker 9 00:32:31 For fun
Speaker 2 00:32:33 And he’s, and he’s just like,
Speaker 9 00:32:35 Oh yeah, could happen. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:32:37 I mean I’m somebody helicopter
Speaker 9 00:32:40 Helicopter.
Speaker 2 00:32:41 You guys should call the cops made
Speaker 9 00:32:43 No noise. Helicopter. <laugh>
Speaker 2 00:32:46 Helicopter. You should call the
Speaker 9 00:32:48 Cops.
Speaker 2 00:32:49 It did. You said it was hovering super bright, light made no noise. Obviously a helicopter
Speaker 9 00:32:54 Obviously cuz helicopters are very quiet. <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:32:58 But there’s nothing up in the air. Yeah. I don’t have anything in the air but uh it’s probably a helicopter. It’s a helicopter. Yeah. It’s a helicopter disguised as a weather balloon. Yeah. <laugh>. That’s a helicopter <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:33:16 Well, shortly after these calls would announce over the radio what Air Bassa just told her. Basically there was nothing on radar and no simple answers to give the concerned callers or the now growing number of police witnesses when she finishes up, Sergeant Mal calls in pretty much just to tell dispatch quote, I’m going to be outta service for a few minutes. I have to gather my thoughts. Time would pass and more calls would come in before Sergeant Mal would call back first on the radio and then directly to Roy Ann’s phone Sergeant Mal reports back,
Speaker 6 00:34:01 Okay, I’m okay now. I’ll be back in service 59. Getting back to the ufo. I saw it. Did you really? But if it was red, I don’t know these people saying it’s blue. Right. I pull up to this, this county just saw it too down. He goes, Hey, this thing’s covering right, right over Son Hutchins. It just came over my house. Right. I said, oh yeah, right. Then you tell me you got a report of it on Fifth Avenue Extens. Yeah. Oh, right by Patty Messenger’s house. And I looked toward Fifth Avenue extension. Uhhuh <affirmative>. You could see a red blow up in the sky. It was huge. It was like huge. See but they’re telling me Blue green cause immediate called this one more was crying hysterically. She’s like, oh my God. And she’s screaming and they’re like, oh God. And they called me and I’m, I’m laughing it off cuz I can’t, you know, I’m not gonna cause a panic.
Speaker 6 00:34:53 We don’t on dope or something. I seen No. Cause Toby, I swear to God we got seven to eight calls on this UFO we’re doing. They’re scanning us. No, I’m telling you what, they were coming in at the same time. They were coming at the same time. Well anyway, see, and the county saw it. Somebody from the county side really? I think Pete Luk saw cuz he came across his channel and goes just that big fucking thing in the sky with the lights. And first we thought they were making fun of us, but they went to another channel to do it cuz they didn’t wanna be on their main Well with me I saw this big red, it was glowing the sky. Well that’s what the guy said. He said it looked like spider pilot lights in the back of the tail of a bomber.
Speaker 6 00:35:31 Yeah. That’s what it looked like. And I said, you know, I said, well maybe it’s a weather balloon. Well I called up and Toby, I swear to you, you I was laughing it off and I thought, well he’s gonna say weather balloon or something. But he says, no I don’t. He goes, we have nothing. He goes, we have and he’s giving, he’s trying to give me numbers to report it and I’m taking, I’m saying, no, I don’t want any numbers. He’s going, well, he goes, you know, I don’t have anything of a 16 mile radius of the Youngstown. He goes, I’m looking at the radar right now. Well this thing wasn’t more than about 50 feet off the ground. Well that’s what I told him. I said, this is low to the ground. I said, you might not pick it up. I said, you know, I said, he goes, well maybe it’s a helicopter.
Speaker 6 00:36:07 I said, well I heard from four people something that low to the ground would be making a hell of a noise. This thing wasn’t making no noise. I know, because I rolled down when I saw the glove. Yeah. I was on my window. I didn’t hear a sound. The only sound I heard was my car. Well what was, what was, was it moving or was it just Yeah, it was growing. It was mo You could, you could see it like up in the air glowing and getting further away from me. That’s why I had to go all the way down Overbrook and shut over to get on sixth Avenue when I, as soon as I turned off sixth Avenue, I didn’t see Dick. Did Bob see it? No. Just do see it. No, I’m the only one that saw, uh, there was about 10 other people in Liberty who were just swearing up and down.
Speaker 6 00:36:46 They saw U ffo, the media probably assault. Oh, they’ll have a ball with it cuz I mean they had called already. Oh, what did they say? Did you guys locate anything? Yeah, well they’re like, you know, they’re like with the people are serious, they’re very upset. And I’m like, well it’s gotta be a weather balloon or something. And I knew it wasn’t a weather balloon cuz they, you know, FAA would know about it. Said it was green and blue lights green. Well no, the media said it was green and blue lights. I had a man who said it. He said,
Speaker 2 00:37:23 Yeah. So what Sergeant Mal didn’t say there was that when he first pulled up and started viewing the object, he rolled down his window. He was watching it. He said that the sound of his own car engine was louder than whatever the object was. Just after that, his engine shut off. Ooh. And then his radio stopped working. Of course all of the electronics near him died. And he was just there for about four or five minutes. Staring at the bottom of what he would later come to say was about a hundred yards wide, 300 feet wide object. 50 feet above him. Wow. Basically blocking out the sky. With that said, he had an incredibly difficult time telling the shape of it because it was so bright he couldn’t look directly at this glowing red object. He could just kind of glance outta the side of his eyes.
Speaker 2 00:38:22 And he said the way that it moved, gave it the impression that it was shaped like a saucer, but it was just this massive uh, you know, football size, football field size like glowing red blimp thing that was 50 feet above him moving in complete silence. And he was just mesmerized for about four or five minutes during that time. They were like, so what’s down there? What’s going on? Trying to call him, he can’t answer because his radio’s not working. And he just basically had to sit there and wait until the craft slowly left and started moving into another area of town. Once it got a certain distance away, magically everything started back up again. He could start his car again. He sat there for a few minutes and decided I should continue to pursue this. Yeah.
Speaker 4 00:39:11 He didn’t have to start his car. The engine started on its own.
Speaker 2 00:39:15 I thought he said that he had to like try to turn it over a couple times.
Speaker 4 00:39:19 He said that he tried to turn it over a couple times when the power was out and nothing was
Speaker 2 00:39:23 Happening. Oh, gotcha. Gotcha.
Speaker 4 00:39:24 But then once, and I’ve like, I’ve heard it a couple times and then in the recreation they also, like he said, like it just turned on and then in the recreation, like the engines on and everything because
Speaker 9 00:39:37 It was already on before it turned off.
Speaker 4 00:39:40 Yeah.
Speaker 9 00:39:41 Amazing. Oh good catch.
Speaker 2 00:39:43 Yeah. And that guy, uh, good catch actually changed his name to um, to Roland Emrick, the director of Independence Day, uh, <laugh>. And that’s how he was inspired for that movie. Wow. <laugh>. Well with the reports now spreading to other towns, police and neighboring jurisdictions are also starting to call in and report the objects movement and position.
Speaker 6 00:40:09 Okay. I’m all 14. You got copy? Yeah. Looks like I’m getting pretty close here, but uh, I can’t really how far out it is, you know. Oh, I’ve been stationary since I called you now. However long it took you to come from over on the west side. That bugger has not moved. Yeah. Well I’m might, uh, I’m going over 11 right now. Uh, looks like I’m starting to maybe get next to it here. It’s still out a good way. See? Is that good? No, see it down over here to some other trees. No big. Yeah, that’s okay. Has it moved any? It looked like it might have flickered a little in that cause it’s moving slightly. Binocular.
Speaker 6 00:40:54 I’m, uh, I would take the airbag it pretty good on it. On it. Okay. Uh, Mikey’s up here with me. Now he’s looking through the ox. It looks like it might have moved just, just slightly cause uh, it moved from one side of a tree to another, but it’s still, uh, visible right here where we’re at. So over about 11 Ridge already. Ridge at the air base. Did you say you’re at Ridge? At the air base. Okay. Uh, it should be stopped. You Right? Looks like it’s circle. Looks like it’s doing Circle. Steven. This is moving. What area is it in? Huh? What area? Uh, hang on one sec. Uh, Dave. Dave, what area do you think it’s in now?
Speaker 6 00:41:48 Hang on. Okay. Uh, man, where you’re at and where I’m at? I’m about, uh, half a mile south of Kings Gro on hen height. Hen height, half a mile south of Kings grade. It’s still a little bit south of me. So what you at as far as on Ridge Road? You guys have to take pee test on heroin because we went outside. We didn’t see anything Right. Coming up on, I’ll see it. We were on tonight. We didn’t see it. Okay. Well we’re, we’re on head hide north of King. Okay. There’s a brand new house under construction and we’re watching it right through the empty field. You seen it through the field? Yeah. We’re all our cars parked? What color is it? Because I got green. Is this from like a whiteish, whiteish red to pulsating, uh, greenish lavender. Do you see any red? It was a whole red light. He said it looked like well, from the distance. I mean, I can’t tell. My, my binoculars are a cheap set of binoculars. I thought I saw some red, let me check with Dave from his angle. Do you see red and green on it? Hey Dave, from your angle I’ll call the airport again. Call saving red and green.
Speaker 6 00:43:00 I’m telling you, we went outside, we didn’t see anything. Yeah. What I’m calling the air base again. Okay. Hold on. Stay on the line. Right? Gladly come down, pick you up in the car and bring I want, I want to come get me. All right. Come get me. Hi. I’ll be outside. Okay. All right. I need a break. He’s gonna take me to see it. Hold on. Yes sir. This is rain again from uh, the center here and then the 9 1 1 center. I called you about Liberty Township. Yes ma’am. The darn thing is in, uh, Holland Township. Now’s hovering over a site. You show anything at all on your radar screen In the Warren area? In Holland Township. Holland Township. It’s hovering where? Hovering over a hen hide in Holland Township. About five minutes here from the center.
Speaker 6 00:43:55 They’re seeing if they’re watching this thing, it goes 50 feet from the ground. There’s blue and green light. Some people say they see a red holding light hovers about 50 feet from the ground with no noise. We’ve had this all night here. Looking to the west. Yeah, I don’t see anything. I’m 70 feet in the air. I’m going about to look for this right now. My unit’s coming outta there. Tell me when he is out here. Okay. Uh, yeah, lemme get a para. Chris, lemme call you. Check that. Let me give you a number to contact. 6 7 5 2 5 4 9. Okay. All right. Alrighty. Alrighty. I’m going to look at it now myself. Alrighty. Bye-bye.
Speaker 8 00:44:31 Talking
Speaker 6 00:44:31 About the thing that looked like a UFO or whatever. It Who, who was it? That that was a joke. That was a joke. No, we’ve had, I we know that’s it was we, we got we got eight calls earlier. Yeah, Liberty was telling us about it. Yeah. And it’s, and we got calls last night on it too. He told, you know, I said something to Pete, I said, yeah, it’s probably all now how’s the UFO going to be detected on radar when it’s cell <laugh>? I could, I could only hear bits and pieces on Yeah, that’s what we were saying. But yeah, we, we got like eight calls on it earlier. But I told Pete, I said, think about it for 40 years you heard about UFOs and they never had one on ra. They gotta be self Yep, exactly. <laugh>. I said they’ll never get ’em on radar.
Speaker 6 00:45:12 Yeah. Who, who knows. Actually Roanne called out to, uh, out to the airport to see if they were picking anything up. Yeah. You know, around the area. And they said they hadn’t seen anything, but we got, you know, let’s you get one call or something like that. You know, you don’t think anything of, we got like eight different calls from different people on it. So Yeah. That’s hard to say. It’s the winter months, you get a lot, you’ll see a lot more shooting stars because I don’t, the sky’s clear or something. Right. And, and with the cold they drag on. Right. And when I left the station night, there was one good one to come down. I mean, it was way down still way bright. Huh. And that’s what Pete was. He was just joking about that cuz I told him. Yeah, I saw that shooting star. Yeah. Hey, you’re like beat me up Captain Kirk. Yeah. <laugh>. So that’s probably what, that’s probably what they’re saying. Yeah. Most likely. Okay. Alrighty. Yeah. Well, well I’ll make a note of that for uh, whoever else you know, comes out tomorrow, whatever may, hopefully she won’t uh, she won’t start up again, but just in case. Well you might just wanna keep a note of that registration in case the guy like an afternoon turn or somebody. Right.
Speaker 6 00:46:19 County dispatch. Okay. Is that a UFO they’re looking for? Huh? Is that a UFO they’re looking for? Who’s this? There’s no sign. The jail. Oh yeah, Uhuh. Yeah. Seriously. We, we got like eight calls on it earlier you got do shit. No, Hey come Leslie, what you believe we leave? She said yes, no, no. Isn’t that the UFO said we got like eight calls on earlier today and they’re looking at again. Leslie said, yes it is this shit. No, we got, we got calls earlier tonight on it and um, a couple different people. The officers said they saw it and uh, one of the Helen officers just said he saw at King’s Graves and Han h Hi hovering there for like 10 minutes.
Speaker 6 00:47:00 So who knows. It’s pretty messed up. We got reports on some last night. We got ’em reports on him tonight. So Okey doki all quiet over there tonight. Yeah. See he be over here where the ambulance can things happen. Really? I’m gonna go outside and take over room. Yeah, we, well we went out from here and couldn’t see, but it’s hard cuz there’s a lot of lights, you know, with, with I guess they, one of the hell officers said it was like an area of hen hide and King’s grave. So hovering there for like 10 minutes. A big blue. What was it supposed to be? Rick, blue and green. Let’s see what color it was. Huh? Rick What was it supposed to be? Blue and green. It supposed to be blue and green I guess.
Speaker 6 00:47:47 So Blue Force, we, we called out to the air base earlier and uh, they said that they hadn’t had anything on their, uh, on their, their radar. But if it’s, if it’s an area of Henh and, and King’s grave, it doesn’t have to be showing up on their radar. You know, if there was something there. Don’t they have any fighter jets out there? Could you tell what they just said? Somebody just said something. I dunno what they said there. Hey, I’ll let you go. Alrighty. Find out anything else. I’ll call and let you know. All right. Bye.
Speaker 2 00:48:24 Did you all catch what he was saying? They’ve said now a couple to, or this guy’s said now a couple times and also a few other officers at different points and dispatchers have said this has been happening for a couple nights.
Speaker 10 00:48:40 Oh yeah.
Speaker 2 00:48:41 Hmm. Yeah. That’s crazy. So just not reported I guess as much until tonight. Yeah. And we’ll hear some, uh, some little snippets later on too, where officers are talking about how last year when something happened and other events where other times when things have happened and when they’ve tried to report it or how they’ve been dismissed and, but they’re actually like, to me the tone that’ll be coming across in their voice is like, almost like, um, like vindication, like they’re excited mm-hmm. <affirmative> and they’re like mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. And do you remember last year don’t even bother calling them up, like
Speaker 10 00:49:18 Basically Yeah,
Speaker 2 00:49:20 Bob all and now it spreads.
Speaker 6 00:49:33 Pick up another person. Uh, negative. I’m out the air base here. Uh, we’ll see here while keep on, let me know cause I won’t up but I’m find 30 seconds away from picking him up. Okay. Looks like he’s just sitting here. Okay. 43, 3 subjects in route. Where’s 30 radio? Stand by a second. I’ll back in about 20 seconds ago. Yeah. I got Are you, uh, coming out this way? Okay. Okay. Okay. I had, I could see a a, a large red red blue and green green light. Light up in the sky, sky east. I’m on, on uh, Liberty going east ravine. Things like going so fast i’s know why to keep up with it. Nine radio,
Speaker 8 00:51:14 That’s fine.
Speaker 6 00:51:20 When I, when I pulled on liberty you could see it’s in the distance and I got closer was station stationary. I start moving, which Liberty? Liberty off of uh, Belmont. I don’t see it now. I’m, I’m down on uh, going that direction. Okay. Uh, 49. It’s south of two. Uh, I’m moving east now on it. Okay. I’m still stationer up here at the air. Anything as far as moving? That’s, yeah, that’s about all. It’s about. Don’t see it call the Air Force going on, coming up to, uh, Belmont and it’s just still sounds to me. I say it’s uh, that’s affirmative. Um, I was looking at it to the binoculars. It looks like that, uh, it looks like it has something protruding out there. Top of it. Okay. My side, I’m, I’m try to stop on Delmont and uh, as soon I can get a better look at it. Okay. Like you’re any closer to it. Definitely closer than location cause it’s still south of me. Southeast, Southeast of old 82. Okay.
Speaker 6 00:53:25 Hover now. See it now too. Okay. It looks like it’s, it’s slippery more now and it looks like it’s running a little east to me now. I’m gonna have east on old 82 from the center. Okay. I got a pretty good view over here. Something 40 grand. Maybe a couple trees or clouds from my location, but somewhere dead east on it. Well it just, um, slightly north of us. Okay. I heard Liberty had some, uh, traffic too there regarding to that. Well we know they definitely saw something. Cause I know we’re definitely seeing it. No, it’s extremely bright. I mean it’s really bright is going pretty good. It’s all the way into Liberty now. We’re into hover now into the center. All I saw it real briefly, nine, eight to uh, radio 9, 9 8 reporting that her, Hey Walter, chasing back north. I want see this thing Frank. Uh, its going, you should be able to see it. Oh five. See if I can get a glimpse there.
Speaker 2 00:55:13 And that’s what a police chase of a U F O sounds like. <laugh>, I dunno. Static giddy is all hell. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. But that is, that was like four or five different police departments all coordinating with each other, jumping back and forth. Teamwork. Just saying like, yeah, well they’re, they’re trying to chase it down. A couple of ’em can like spot it from where they’re at and they’re like looking through like binoculars and things like that. Other ones are like, oh, I’m east of this road. And the person’s like, well it’s south of you and the person that’s south of them’s like, eh, it’s north of me, it’s blah, blah, blah. The key here is if it was a star in the sky, it would be east of all of them. Yeah. It’d be west of all of them. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> it would be in the same position.
Speaker 2 00:55:55 Yeah. Right. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> a shooting. Well, some folks are having <laugh>. Yeah. It’s, it’s just, you know, in the winter that kind of slowed down. Everything slows down in the winter. Yeah. <laugh> <laugh>. But, but I love that the guy was just like, yeah, no, actually there’s a lot of reports and he is just, the other guy kind of pushed back. He is like, oh, he as a shooting star. He is like, uh, yeah, sure. <laugh>, you know, one of the cops is like, yeah, it’s a shooting star, boo boo, but <laugh>. But like, I don’t know dude, that, that to me is like the cherry in, in this, in this piece. And there’s still more audio left there. Um, and this is with me cutting a lot out from the original recording, which I will be including in the show notes. The, um, the kind of enhanced version that I did of the entire piece.
Speaker 2 00:56:42 So if you go to our website, well, there’ll be a link in show notes. I haven’t figured out how to deliver it yet, but I will have it there as well as I’m fairly certain the first, um, complete transcript or at least the best transcript that can be made of all of this audio. Um, I spent some time putting that together. So if there are parts where you’re like, I’m really trying to hear what they’re trying to say, um, hit up the show notes and it’ll be there broken down like minute by minute that you can fall along with. But yeah, anyways. Any, any thoughts so far?
Speaker 9 00:57:15 I love
Speaker 2 00:57:15 It. Kind of processing a lot
Speaker 9 00:57:17 Here. <laugh>. I love it. I think it’s exciting. <laugh>.
Speaker 2 00:57:21 Yeah, like you said earlier too, like you can just see from the beginning how the perception is changing between everybody. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you can just see at the beginning, just like her laughing and ha ha an old, old, uh, sheriff Bob over there being like, Hey, hey, I guess let’s just go check this one out. Sitting at a donut shop like normal. And then he, then it’s like, ah, put on my badge and get in my car. And so then just goes and gets in his car and strives out there. And then now they’re all like, sh now, now the uh, 9 1 1 operator, she’s like, come pick me up. I’m going. Yeah. She has become a alien chaser. <laugh>, she has become like a storm chaser in the, in the Midwest. She’s just sitting out there like, let’s go. I want to go out and see this thing for myself. And they’re like, all right, get in the back. Yeah.
Speaker 9 00:58:11 I love how she,
Speaker 2 00:58:12 She weird that she looks,
Speaker 9 00:58:15 I love how earlier Tisha was like, I hate to take a break. <laugh>.
Speaker 4 00:58:20 Yeah. That’s why I was like, I was like, this is what makes you wanna be her friend even more. She’s like, yeah, yeah. Come pick me up. I’m gonna go see this thing for myself. I need a break. Yeah.
Speaker 9 00:58:30 And then she’s just like, she’s got, yeah, she’s,
Speaker 4 00:58:33 She’s like, I’m gonna go see me some aliens.
Speaker 9 00:58:35 I know
Speaker 2 00:58:36 <laugh>, there’s, there was like a, um, Selena and I watched it last night, um, like an old, well not super old, like maybe like a 10 year old, um, history channel show where they did cover this in part of it for like half episode. Um, and I like cracked up laughing, watching it cuz I’ve been like re-listening and listening and re-listening and re re-listening to this audio so much like trying to repair it. Um, but she said in the show, and I just think it’s, I think she’s awesome. I think she is a great personality and stuff like that and she seems like a really cool person. But she said in the show with like a super serious tone. I just had this growing concern for the officers out in the field and, and I needed to go check on them and see, see what was going on. <laugh> Sure. It was just like that is is not what comes across when she’s like, yeah, yeah, come pick me up.
Speaker 9 00:59:30 They probably told her Say that for, you know, like professional purposes.
Speaker 6 00:59:40 Lumber, uh, eastbound, uh, just, uh, south stop East to my location. Okay. It doesn’t seem like it’s, uh, moves at all from where I’m at here. Okay. Uh, you out there by yourself or do you guys follow there that’s documented? The observation also, I’m at the air base. I had the, uh, security guard out here. He doesn’t know what to make of it either. Want him to get a visual on it. Oh yeah. We can see it from right here. Last check at, uh, radar at the airport. They’re advising they have nothing on their screens. They’re probably not gonna tell us if there’s anything anyway. If it’s anything to do with the military.
Speaker 6 01:00:34 Another hangar seven happened here in Trouble County. It’s in Brookfield now. In Brookfield now. 9, 9 8. The radio. 9, 9 8. Okay. We could see it from two, a large light. Uh, I don’t know if it’s change in color. I could see red in it. It just seems to be hovering right now. Four three. I’m gonna go up. Ten four, four thirty three. Uh, do you hear anything from any of the, uh, Liberty, uh, units or maybe Youngstown? Uh, everything. Agency in the county’s got a visual on it that I can hear right now. Controls copying that. It’s, uh, somewhere in Brookfield Township, east of 84 Lumber on Warren Sharon Road. Got a unit, uh, at the old county home on Route seven in Brookfield. Has a visual on it at this time. Looks like it’s going southeast, pulled off. Uh, I’m almost the Brookfield Center. I know that. Uh, binocular observation. And there’s definitely a a structure there around, unfortunately what you saw, like see upper structure off the main corner of the lighting. Yeah. Right. It almost looks like a little parachute hanging from it, right? Yeah. Something with a different color lighting to it. Yeah. Right. You heard from Lolly or did it get ded up?
Speaker 6 01:02:35 Uh, I don’t know. I haven’t heard. All right. I talked to these guys. Everything’s all right. They’re gonna go back to where they came from. Who? <laugh>. Oh. Um, I can see ’em. Did you see anything? I got ’em right here. I’m looking at ’em. What the hell is it? Hold on a second. I gotta turn my lights on before I get rear-ended. Okay.
Speaker 6 01:02:56 Well, I can see ’em from Warner Road. They’re sitting stationary. I got three of them. Uhhuh <affirmative> one is over. Well, there and then there’s two kind of close together. What do they look like? Well, I’d like to say that they’re just like flickering stars. Uhhuh, <affirmative>. Except I’ve got four discernible colors. Uhhuh, I got red, yellow, green, and blue. And the one just was like, flashes. So if they’re those planets, those guys we’re talking about. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> send their, uh, planets with Christmas lights on. You can see ’em. I can see ’em. Not like clear as day. I don’t see any wings or anything of them. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> lights. Yeah. Unreal. Hold on a second. Unreal. What are you doing?
Speaker 6 01:03:36 That’s what I mean. I mean, I can, without my, without my binoculars. I can see red, yellow, green, and blue. Oh, okay. <laugh> on. No way over there. They gotta be way over in Cortland. No. Did you hear Cortland on the air? Yeah. UFOs will coming to Cortland <laugh>. I can’t believe it. He’s killing me. So you’re having a, like a, you’re everything experienced? No, because I can’t see, I mean, the fir I mean, they look, they’re so far away, they look like stars. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. They’re just like, well, the first calls we got from Liberty were, they were like 50 feet above the ground. Yeah. Well, they could be on their way home. <laugh>. All right. I think everyone else in this county should go home. Yeah. I’m already too. This is, uh, this is weird. I had a beat on them from, uh, on the, from the tower. They were cl they gotta be going away because they were closer than this. Really? Now I’m looking at ’em. Oh my God. What? I’m just, this is, and and they’re not a plane. Cause here goes the plane and I can see the plane and the plane’s blinking red and the, and the fact. Then there’s another plane. I think, I think they’re scrambling. Planes outta set com One to go check ’em out. Wait a minute. Come.
Speaker 6 01:04:44 Oh my God. I hope that’s a plane. Oh, Jesus Christ. Please be a plane. Oh, please. What honey? Ain’t ready for this shit. Hold on. Hello bitch. Where’d you go?
Speaker 8 01:05:04 That’s
Speaker 6 01:05:05 A plane. So thank God. Well, I get nervous when they’re coming right at me. There’s three planes up the I’ll tell you what, they’re flying from the Air Force base. Really? Something’s gotta be. Oh, really? Yeah. Hold on. I’m about to get you rolled again. Oh, where are you? Right here. Where are you? Uh, Warner Road, south of, uh, of, uh, Merlin, chase, Maryland. Four up there. Now there’s four planes. Oh, okay. What the No, I mean, the other things are still there. Uhhuh. <affirmative>. But these are like, eh? Yeah. You fuckers. Yeah. Oh, what you don’t see. Alright. What are we doing with this now, Pete? I have no idea. Well, you know what? I can tell it’s not in our airspace, so it ain’t our call. Okay. All I’ll talk to later. Bye.
Speaker 2 01:05:54 So the tone in the evening has gone from laughing about it, mocking folks, starting to get a little bit worried, starting to get annoyed by it. <laugh>. Um, and then like, fully chasing them. Now you’re literally hearing an officer, basically having the shit scared out of him. He’s getting paranoid, like
Speaker 4 01:06:16 Having a panic attack. Mm-hmm.
Speaker 2 01:06:17 <affirmative>. Yeah. Like while they’re coming an
Speaker 4 01:06:19 Existential process. Yes.
Speaker 2 01:06:21 Yeah. He’s like, oh God, no. No. I can’t deal with this shit right now. No, no, no. And it’s, he says, hold on,
Speaker 4 01:06:26 An says, where’d you go? Your little bitch. I know. I love, that’s how, you know, he meant it <laugh>
Speaker 2 01:06:31 <laugh>. But like
Speaker 4 01:06:33 That’s, I was like, for real. Me
Speaker 2 01:06:35 <laugh>. This audio like captures just a whole range of folks going from complete skeptics to the point of like, they are enforcing all the stigmas and the stereotypes and like, you know, everything that’s kind of like kept folks that are into UFOs or who have had experiences like down and in the shadows and afraid Right. Of like coming out and for this topic, like growing and spreading and evolving and more information coming out about it. They all had that mentality going into it. And they enforced that in society. Right. Just through this jokes and laughter and mockery and stuff. Now they’re scared shitless about it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and yeah, this is over the course of like three hours. Like, this is fascinating to me. It’s so many recordings of this all happening at the same time.
Speaker 9 01:07:28 I love it. All the, I don’t know, the different emotions from beginning to end. It’s so raw, so realistic. I like it. <laugh>.
Speaker 2 01:07:37 This is a movie
Speaker 9 01:07:37 I’ve lost. I know. This should, this should be a movie. Oh, there’s a
Speaker 2 01:07:40 So ready made movie.
Speaker 9 01:07:41 Oh, I thought, I thought they made a movie about it. They should.
Speaker 2 01:07:44 It’s called Independence Day
Speaker 4 01:07:46 Now. We saw, um, like a YouTube video and then we saw like, it was on a split episode with like some haunted house, but like, yeah, it was like on real Paranormal Encounters or something like that. It was the first story. It was really like, pretty true to it. But they manipulated the same part of the phone call as, um, the other thing that we just made. I don’t remember what it was.
Speaker 2 01:08:17 Yeah, yeah. They’re like, oh God, oh God, what is that? Oh shit, I can’t deal with this. Like, almost, there’s like two, don’t, there’s only like two or three shows that have ever covered this. And like every one of ’em has that as the intro where it’s just like, and what happened on that night? Oh God, I can’t deal with this. And like,
Speaker 4 01:08:33 Yeah. But they cut off the end where he says, oh, thank God it’s a plane. <laugh>. They just leave the part where he says, oh God, what is that? I can’t handle this shit. Oh,
Speaker 9 01:08:42 Why would
Speaker 4 01:08:42 They do that? You know, whatever.
Speaker 2 01:08:44 There’s so many, there’s so many juicy audio
Speaker 4 01:08:46 Bit. They’re confus and like, yeah. They’re just manipulating shit the way that they fucking always do plane.
Speaker 2 01:08:52 I wonder if, you know, they are, it, it’s manipulating it and it kind of makes it, it kind of gives it a, like some people would think it doesn’t give it credence because it’s like, oh, well there were planes up that night. But to me it gives it more credence because these people are sitting there looking at these UFOs and they’re like, I cannot figure out what this is. It’s moving so, so fast. It’s moving. Like all these different lights. Wait, and
Speaker 9 01:09:17 Then were there more than just one? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Oh, there was just one
Speaker 4 01:09:23 That he saw. Four. No plane. He said he saw four lights. Yep. Um, three lights.
Speaker 2 01:09:31 No, he, he saw four. Um, there was four lights up in the sky. And he made the point because people were starting to say stuff about like, oh, it’s celestial, uh, celestial. And it’s like, it’s this and that. And he’s like, well, if they are planets, or like if they are stars and they got Christmas lights on ’em, like <laugh>. And he’s just like, that’s fucking, yeah, that’s
Speaker 4 01:09:48 What I thought. And then yeah, he was able to identify like that there were airplanes in the area now. Yeah. And he was like, and now that I can see these airplanes, I know that those are definitely not airplanes. Oh,
Speaker 9 01:10:01 Okay. I thought it was just
Speaker 2 01:10:02 Flying. Yeah, that’s what I was getting at. Yeah. Is that he could tell the difference between it and that he’s also saying that he thinks that the Air Force base that’s right near them is starting to send up these planes to, to see what’s going on. Because they got all these calls. They probably got calls too. And they probably started seeing things that maybe the guy couldn’t see on radar, but they had probably have something else that they’re seeing in that area that they’re like, okay, something might be there that we have to go see. You know? Yeah. And didn’t in one of the, uh, I guess like sandwiched clips from earlier between breaks, um, I specifically included, uh, a part where one of the officers says there were an officer asked the guy, he is like, can you see him over there? And he is like, yeah, I’m out here at the air base with a security.
Speaker 2 01:10:52 Like, he literally says, I’m out here at the air base with a security guard and we can both see it clear and neither one of us know what the hell it is. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So like the stuff around like, oh, it came from the Air Force base earlier. It’s like there’s literally a security guard at the Air Force base that’s just like, I don’t know what the fuck that is. And they’re just standing there looking at, at it, like watching it. And so about an hour and a half later now there’s talks about their, maybe jets that are being scrambled and going up in the sky.
Speaker 11 01:11:30 Dispatch. Hey. Yeah, I bet it is. Okay. Hey, uh, that thing with the Air Force base on the radar, do you remember ours last year? We called the Air Force base and they said, uh, no, there’s nothing going on. But then I don’t know who did it. They decided they called the, uh, the national weather thing. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and the weather had it on their radar. Don’t ask me. Well, no. What I was just thinking like, was ever like running the show out there Uhhuh like this, this No. Maybe nobody is running the show out here. Is like laughing all you guys out. Well, that’s because they’re in a closed building and we’re out here looking at them. Okay. Okay. So now what I’m wondering is maybe somebody might want to give the national weather people a call because they’re not going to classify shit. They’ll call and say, yo, we like they did that last year. If you saw this Uhhuh Yeah. You’d be doing it too and be serious. Objection. It’s Venus. Okay. Well then, uh, there’s six of them. <laugh>. Yeah, there’s a, she’s right about that meteor shower thing. Uhhuh <affirmative>. Because when I was standing there, when I got off the phone with you in five minutes, in this little space that I’m watching, uh, there were six of them, whatever you call ’em, shooting star thing, there’s six of ’em. So they’re there, but I don’t know what it’s, but I just wish it was and we wouldn’t see that. Right. Exactly.
Speaker 12 01:13:06 Could you guys hear that? Okay.
Speaker 11 01:13:26 Hi, how you doing? Okay. I got look through Telescope. Okay. Okay. I just, we were looking at as the planet. Oh really? Yeah. But ironically, while everybody else was watching it, a couple of Niles guys had a night vision scope. Some lady who says she lives in Liberty came up to them. They’re down here on the strip. Okay. And asked them, are you guys tracking the ufo? And they looked at her and thought she was joking. She says, dead ass serious. She says The thing was in her backyard. I’m telling you, I told you that woman said she was in the middle backyard. Yeah. She said, it was in my backyard. It was in the field. And she was having a shit about it was you scared from here place. So anyhow, she’s telling them, and they said, well, is that that what you saw?
Speaker 11 01:14:11 She turns around and looks at, she goes, no. She goes, that’s a planet. She goes, that’s not what we saw. This thing was red. And Yeah. And they, and Toby said it was right near the ground and he said, let up this guy. Ah, okay. And I’m like, well, it was pretty far away from all of us. You know, we really can’t make a good determination, but there’s that chance, you know? And well, for about the last 35 minutes, we’ve been tracking this with a telescope and we’re moving in a set cars, you know, which would be with the rotation. Okay. It’s a planet which one? God only knows. It’s a planet’s not a start. We were all excited. Oh, I know. I was too, that they got something. But, uh, definitely something else is, you know, whatever, you know, I don’t just do what the lady’s saying, but, uh, that not as funny that somebody came all the way down in denials, either on her way to work or whatever.
Speaker 11 01:15:07 Yeah. Looking at now, that’s not what I saw. No. Said. He said, you know, it was, there’s no way that, uh, he said that did not look what he, you know, looked like what he saw. Okay. I do not know, you know, if it was the distance or what the situation was, but if that’s the planet that the planet’s pretty damn low, but Oh, yeah. Well, like I said, it was lower when we first saw it. And like I said, we’ve been sitting down here on the strip, just, you know, everybody’s sitting still not moving. Uhhuh, <affirmative>. And we, every so often, we had to adjust the telescope. So it’s, it’s moving. And it’s Archie and a set pattern, Uhhuh <affirmative>. So it looks like it’s stationary other than it’s a little higher than, you know, like where I’m at right now, I can see it. Where before I know I wouldn’t have actually, cause I’m down here at the corners, you know, that’s even lower than the center. And uh, I can see it now. So. Oh, well. Okay. Alrighty. Thanks for calling There many more calls on it. No, nothing else. That’s it. Well, I’ll probably all have a lot of answers today. I’ll tell you what, hello for me, <laugh>. Thanks for calling you. Take care. Bye-bye.
Speaker 13 01:16:21 Wow. <laugh>.
Speaker 2 01:16:24 Wow.
Speaker 4 01:16:26 So they just tell her it’s a planet.
Speaker 2 01:16:30 Um, some of the folks, uh, I’m pretty sure that one guy, I’ve only been able to identify him through his voice. I feel like he was like off that night and he was radioing in at points. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> is the way he was talking about just chilling and like eventually having like a telescope and looking at it from a certain mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So I feel like he just kind of, you know, popped in was like, oh, I see it. And I think a couple folks, um, over the course of the night, we’re seeing a star, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, they were making a star at some point. I mean, it’s frankly, folks just don’t look up anymore. So when we do weird, no. Like, um, so I do think that that was happening, but there’s a main thread that’s running through all this, which is the folks that said that it was hovering 50 feet off the ground, all described it the exact same way at different points throughout the night.
Speaker 9 01:17:26 And also like Right. It moved too. If planet just doesn’t move, it’s just up there. You know, like, and like people would’ve seen it, like you were saying earlier, like if it’s east, everyone would see east, you know?
Speaker 2 01:17:41 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Exactly. It would be like east, east of everyone.
Speaker 4 01:17:45 Sorry. And the, for the police officer, um, it completely blocked out the entire sky. Yeah. Like,
Speaker 9 01:17:53 Yeah.
Speaker 4 01:17:54 A planet wouldn’t be that close.
Speaker 9 01:17:55 I know. It’s like, okay. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:17:58 <laugh> and how you say that? Like, Ryan like literally says like, it’s awfully close for a planet and like mm-hmm. <affirmative> her tone, cuz her tone, her phrasing and the way she actually starts to defend that something got saw that night or something happened that night. There were, there was an object or multiple objects in the sky. She sounds eerily similar to that person that we heard in the phone call at the beginning, the second person to call in and report it. She wasn’t saying like, there was fire coming out of the back and it looked like, you know, a jitter, dah, dah dah, dah, dah. But just the tone where she was kind of like, calm about it. And she’s like, well, you know, this is kind of weird. This is da da da da da. She’s completely flip sides. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And something happened that something happened that just got kind of, um, I guess just got revealed or whatever, fairly recent. But, um, so she did go out, she did get picked up and she did literally see a craft that night. It’s not on the call. That last recording was from after she got back and like basically had to finish work after seeing a U F O,
Speaker 9 01:19:03 Which gonna finish her shift
Speaker 2 01:19:05 Awkward for everyone <laugh>. Yeah.
Speaker 4 01:19:08 But I know she didn’t even get a few minutes to collect her thoughts.
Speaker 9 01:19:11 <laugh>. Yeah,
Speaker 2 01:19:12 I know. But she saw a craft that night, you know, and she was just like, no, the way it moved, like it would just be like completely slow or completely like just still hovering in the sky and then just like gone, you know, like jet out of the way.
Speaker 9 01:19:27 It’s like, do people don’t know It’s,
Speaker 2 01:19:29 With some of the
Speaker 9 01:19:30 Stories earlier, planet looks like if you look at a planet, it looks like it just like a start, like a really bright star.
Speaker 2 01:19:38 I think a lot of folks are just trying to like grasp for straws, right? They’re just trying to find anything that like, helps them feel normal the next day when they go to work. Wow. They’re just like,
Speaker 9 01:19:50 Humans do that. You know,
Speaker 4 01:19:54 Because it’s not why, like, I mean, it’s more widely accepted now, I think, but back then, especially in the nineties, like it wasn’t that widely accepted. Like people thought you were crazy.
Speaker 2 01:20:07 Yeah.
Speaker 4 01:20:08 So if you could rationalize it another way, then it was like, you know, okay, like I don’t have to think about it this way and I’m not gonna be made fun of and people aren’t gonna think I’m crazy and, you know, that’s gonna be my, you know, explanation for things. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it’s so
Speaker 2 01:20:25 Sad. People also aren’t, people also aren’t ready for, for their world to change. You know, as much as sometimes we think we, we are ready to like, oh, we, we can’t wait to see like one day when, when the alien, an alien comes down as like, nice to meet you, Mr. Pr nice to lip clock, clo qua comes down. Oh, it’s like, nice to meet you Mr. Biden. And you know, like, you know, Mr. Putin, whatever, whoever he is talking to and yeah, he is talking to anybody. But, uh, meeting everybody, meeting the world leaders or meeting random people, like people really aren’t ready for the way that that would change the world. You know? And think about, as you’re saying, Selena think that people grasping for straws is so true. Um, maybe that was Gil said that, sorry. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but grasping for straws to, to say that their, their world is not gonna completely change because that literally will change how somebody views how they’re living their life.
Speaker 2 01:21:25 Because there’s future technologies that are gonna be there that are, that that could change somebody’s world so dramatically think about how the internet has changed the world and that’s like, could be small time compared to what an alien civilization could bring us. So they are grasping for straws, trying to keep themselves at least in a way to be like, I’m okay. You know, like my, I’ll still be able to go to work or else Yeah. Yeah. I mean it’s, God, I, I have obsessed over working with this audio, um, because the original one, there, there were some clean areas in the original one, but God, there was like five, 10 minutes at a time where like you could just not understand what anybody was saying, but it was too juicy. So I had to keep going in and like editing and tweaking and like trying to get the tones to come out so I could kind of make sense of the static.
Speaker 2 01:22:18 And what, what I love about the story that unfolds in this, which I I really do view it that way, is you have like, you get to watch these folks like change throughout the course of the evening through their experience while still interacting. It’s almost like they, they leave that part of themselves behind Right. And are still communicating with it. Cuz the whole time they’re still talking with folks that felt exactly the same way they did. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> just, you know, 10 minutes earlier, 20 minutes earlier. And now they sound like the crazies. Now they sound like the folks that are being too hysterical now. They’re like mistaking things that are up in the sky and like, it’s like they’re talking to like a 20 minute old version of themselves, you know, like mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And it’s just, I don’t know anything that nails down that transition so fast and so well mm-hmm. <affirmative> like what documentation do we have? We have a lot of folks where it’s like, well, you know, I had to come to terms with it and like Yeah. But like, what documentation do we have of like the actual moments? Yeah. Like <laugh>, like this is second for second a play by play and like Yeah. Dude, I, I, I love this case. That’s all I’m saying. <laugh>. It’s, I like, I fucking love this case. And to hear folks go from like mocking to defending Yeah. Is just fucking wild
Speaker 9 01:23:38 To me. I wonder if there there are any updates, because they did say that it has happened before and I’m sure it happened again after this. So are there any updates about this anywhere?
Speaker 2 01:23:55 So I guess like, um, I’m gonna get the dates wrong. I wanna say a few months or like within a year, um, of this, there was also a major event very similar that happened in like, kind of like southwest Michigan, right? Um, or kind of near-ish southwest Michigan. Um, which few hundred miles, you know, away from, from where this is happening. And honestly, like, Ohio is like actually a hotbed of specifically police chasing UFOs. <laugh>. Like, there’s like a very rich history of cops like chasing, like at one point a cop went from, I wanna say like central Ohio, like into Indiana <laugh>, like just like they chased it like into another state and just like kept going. Um hmm. I don’t know. Or I don’t think there’s any, like the one in Michigan, there are supposedly audio recordings of it, which I’d love to get my hands on and like listen to ’em, but I don’t think there, there, there’s just not a lot of this.
Speaker 2 01:24:59 There might be like a two second clip of, I don’t know what that is, <laugh> like some little sound bite, but it’s just like, I don’t know. I love this shit and I encourage anybody who like wants to re-listen to it or hear the whole thing, like I said, I will be having a link to the full audio. Um, yeah, you should totally dig in and just listen to it all. Just keep in mind that while the full audio’s like, I’m gonna say it’s like around like a hundred and, or sorry, um, it’s around about an hour long, I think. Um, it’s not like just because it just jumps from clip to clip doesn’t mean that that’s how it happened in real time. There was space in between because the calls only started getting recorded when they came in. There was downtime at points, right? So some things you can kind of tell like, oh, that was back to back and it’s somebody responding and a conversation kind of dragging on.
Speaker 2 01:25:52 Um, but then other times, like, like when, um, uh, sergeants like, like I need to take a moment to like gather my thoughts. Literally the next clip is, okay, I’m back. <laugh> <affirmative>. And it’s just like, and it sounds really weird and the audios is like, damn <laugh>. Like, and it was like two seconds. He was like, okay, I’m good. It’s just like, what the fuck? You just had to, to there is breaks just head tot just had to mute it, mute it and toot it. Um, but just like watching a movie, like honestly there’s breaks in there, but you know, it’s, you’re not getting like, oh, three days later, you know, and it’s actually three days later in real time as you watch in the movie. So yeah, there’s a little bit of time in between <laugh>. Yeah. And there is, there is a theory which I’m not sure how much I I stick to, um, that this may have been the combination of tapes that were recorded over two nights. Thank for listening to the Black Cat Report episode on the Trumbull County U f o Chase. This should really be a movie or maybe it is inspired a movie. Hmm. Remember to follow or view and like us wherever you get your podcasts. And also follow us on Instagram for up to the moment updates. And as always, we’ll see you on the other side.

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