The Trinity UFO Crash Part 1 - "Because it was Getting Late" by Black Cat Report

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Episode 1

Ep 1: The Trinity UFO Crash Part 1 – “Because it was Getting Late”

Join us as we explore the strange story behind the Trinity UFO crash.
Arguably one of the most significant cases in modern ufology, it has managed to slip through the cracks of widespread awareness in the UFO community.
Taking place almost 2 full years before Roswell, it was nearly lost to history if not for the dedicated work of Paola Leopizzi Harris & Jacques Vallée.
We’re Just getting started, and it really means a lot!
TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret by Jacques Vallée & Paola Leopizzi Harris.
If you want to buy a copy: Here’s the Author Preferred Link.
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During the early morning hours, a thunderstorm passed through the vast open plains of San Antonio, New Mexico. 

Clearing up shortly before 5 am and leaving the desert climate cooler than usual. 

In a modest adobe home situated just North of town on a cattle ranch,

9-year-old Jose Padilla was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. 

His father, Faustino, had just left and was heading to his job at the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge on the other side of town.

It was, by all accounts, a typical Monday morning.

Through the darkness, an incredible flash of light rapidly swept across the barren South-Western landscape. 

Seeing this change to daylight, Jose’s mother, Inez, ran to peek through the front door.

Suddenly the intense light violently pierced through every opening of the Padilla’s home, followed by an overwhelming crackling sound and growing waves of heat. 

Jose immediately climbed under the dining room table as a hot wind flooded in and consumed their house.

At the same time, just miles away, a prayer of fear was being spoken to the new dawn. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” whispered Robert Oppenheimer as he witnessed the power of his creation at the Trinity Test Site.

It was July 16th, 1945, and only 28 miles away from the Padilla’s ranch; the 1st atomic bomb had just torn its way into history. 

This moment marked a turning point in the capabilities and consequences of the human mind. 

From this point on, our way of life and warfare was no longer bound to the potential of fire and gas but to a new, seemingly limitless source of pure energy. 

Within a few short years, humans would quickly develop the very real option to decide for, or against, the complete annihilation of all known life in the universe….. Or at least all known to them.

[What We’re Covering]

Today, we will be discussing The Trinity U.F.O. Crash, which, for decades, managed to slip through the cracks of widespread awareness in the U.F.O. community.

Taking place in mid-August 1945, if true, this is easily one of the most significant U.F.O. cases in modern history. As for why? 

Well, If you’re a casual U.F.O. enthusiast, then the Trinity U.F.O. Crash pre-dates the assumptions of pop culture and actually corroborates with our current understanding of the U.F.O. phenomenon.

For the avid U.F.O. dweeb like myself, there are a couple of important things to pay attention to.


  • The Trinity U.F.O. Crash took place almost 2 full years before the summer of 1947. 
  • This means it occurred before the term “flying saucer” went viral and before Roswell became a household name.


  • At the time of the event, there was no culture around U.F.O.s, no stereotypes of close encounters with “little green men,” and no popular narrative of government cover-ups. 

For Context

This was just 17 days before the end of WWII. 

America was at the height of pride, patriotism, and trust in the government. 

For the average American, alongside our Russian comrades, we had just kicked the Nazis’ asses, liberated concentration camps, and freed Europe from the expansion of the 3rd Reich. We were quickly concentrating our efforts on retribution for Pearl Harbor with Japan.

So why on earth would you not trust the government?

Now for our Sources:

For our Primary Source today, we’ll be using the 2021 book 

“Trinity, The Best Kept Secret” by Jacques Vallee & Paola Leopizzi Harris. 

There are A-LOT of references, nuances, notes, and details covered in this book that we simply do not have the time or ability to cover for you in an audio format.

If you take any interest in this episode, I would highly encourage you to go out and grab yourself a copy.  Link to the Seller

Our supporting resources will be listed in this episode’s article, which can be found on our website,, or in the show descriptions links wherever you’re listening to this…

As for anything else that can’t be found between the book and show notes, it’s probably an honest mistake, and you are more than welcome to send correction or hate mail to

[Now to the Story]

  • It’s been 1 month since Jose’s mom, Inez, saw the atomic bomb test as she peaked out her front door, permanently losing sight in her eye.
  • 10 days since President Truman announced dropping an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and 7 since Nagasaki.
  • Combined, these 2 bombs killed an estimated 129-to-226,000,
  • Causing countless injuries and leading to severe health effects for generations.

It’s August 16th, 1945

Romingo Baca, aka “Reme,” was greeted like most mornings by Jose riding up on his horse. Reme got his horse saddled up and set off for the day.

At only 7 years old, “Reme” was already working with Jose at the Padilla’s Ranch.

It was a crucial time for the ranch; they were trying to start a new herd with some cattle they imported from Spain, Jose was their only child not serving in the war, and they still needed the income from Faustino’s work at the Refuge. Chores and responsibilities like keeping the herd count, hauling hay in the winter, and maintaining the fence across the 80,000-acre ranch fall directly on the boys’ shoulders. Today was no exception.

After spending most of the day checking on the fence they began riding along the hills of the canyons, occasionally stopping so Jose could use his binoculars to count the cattle while Reme took notes.

After finishing their tally, they had to check in on one of the cows.

She was pregnant, and Faustino was worried someone might take the calf before they could brand it.

With the area too rough for their horses, they set them up to graze and went on foot. Slowed down by a passing thunderstorm, they eventually found the cow and her newborn calf. Another storm came in, so they took shelter, eating lunch under a cliff.  (Tortillas & Apples)

Around 4 or 5pm, they were able to head back and check on the calf. Without warning, there was a loud bang, and the ground began to shake. Their minds immediately went back to their experience just a month earlier. After the initial shock passed, they looked around.

[The Approach]

A few canyons over, they spotted a column of smoke was rising into the sky.

Realizing this was different than the last time, they decided to head over on foot.

Upon reaching the peak of the last canyon, they found the air filled with intense dust and smoke. 

They headed into it.

Almost as soon as they started pushing forward, they found a rough, 100ft wide graded road cut 1ft deep into the rocky hillside.  They started walking down it, going deeper into the canyon. 

The smoke was worsening, and the road was radiating a heat that was beginning to burn their feet. Finally, it became too overwhelming; they made the climb back out and away from the smoke.

After catching his breath, Reme asks if this might be a downed plane.

Jose gets worried; if it is a plane crash, people might be injured and need help. They both decide they need to keep going.

They try again, but this time, before the smoke forces them to retreat, they are able to make it far enough to see something is resting at the end of the path. 

On their third try, with the air finally clearing, Jose pulls out his binoculars, and the boys quickly begin taking turns.

[The Craft]

In front of them was a large, gray, avocado-shaped craft, later to be measured at roughly 30ft wide and 14ft high with a massive 4x9ft hole in the side. 

Through the hole in the craft, they start to see movement.

3 beings, with light gray skin, running back and forth; Quote “Squealing in Pain” End Quote, 

They were about 3ft tall with pear-shaped heads larger than their chest. 

Their eyes looked like large, horizontal teardrops with small holes for their nose and mouth and tiny ears.

They had the posture of a fire-ant standing, with needle-thin arms that reached down to their knees & only 4 fingers on each hand.

They seemed to glide side to side, moving – Quote “Like they willed themselves from one place to another.” – End Quote.

As these creatures came into view, Jose and Reme were fixated, frozen in place. Not by some strange power but by the sheer impact of what they were witnessing and the challenge it made on their perception.

The once chaos of the burning plants around them, the wind in the trees and brush, the wildlife, everything fell silent. The only sound external to themselves was a constant, high-pitched scream akin to a newborn baby or the guttural cry of a rabbit in pain.

[Psychological Effects]

This scream began weighing on them. 

They started to experience deep feelings of sadness for the creatures. Feelings of pity, feelings of sorrow. And while they were fixated on watching these “things” sliding back and forth, they couldn’t bring themselves to look at their eyes. Something was happening in their minds; in an interview decades later, Reme would tell Paola Harris Quote, “Then we saw these pictures in our heads”….. “I didn’t know what the heck they were. I can remember what they are; I got pictures, but I didn’t know what they meant then, and I still don’t know. They must have known we were there” – End Quote.

As time passed, the boys began to have a soft argument. Jose wanted to get closer, to go towards them and offer help, to go inside it. Reme takes a hard stand – Quote, “Okay. If you don’t know what the heck this is, I ain’t going into it. There’s no way. I wanna go home. I don’t want to go in. You’ll have to go by yourself. I’m going home, I’ll meet you at the ranch.”

Jose comes to his senses, and they agree to watch just a little longer. Eventually, the light is starting to shift into late evening, and they begin to think about their parents and how worried they must be; and they decide to head home because it was getting late. They make the hike to their horses and start heading back to the ranch.

On the ride, Reme can’t stop crying; he’s trying to process the terrible images and feelings of sadness flooding his mind just moments earlier.

While at the same time, the pilot of a B29 coming into land was rerouted by the control tower at White Sands; they had lost communications with the area North of the air force base. He was asked to do a flyover and investigate.  Circling the area, he radios in – Quote, “your towers been hit by something” then, seeing smoke and fire nearby, he proceeds to fly over. There’s an object on the ground, and – Quote “2 little indians on their horses.”


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